1/5 Scale YAMA & XRC-2 Model Radio Controlled Buggy

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XRC-2 & YAMA 1:5 Scale Radio controlled buggy - Guide to buying and things to be aware of.

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This Guide more or less covers XRC and Yama Aowei Model RC Cars

Ok, I now own two of these XRC-2 1:5 scale 2 stroke model cars - Made obviously by XRC racing.

Just a few notes, if you have looked around at 1:5 scales you will notice that the XRC-2 is the cheapest around.
This is refelected in the car itself.

The models are advertised as "Heavy duty parts - many metal"
The "many metal" parts are mainly just general parts that you expect to be metal i.e - engine, shockers & nuts N bolts (thats about all!)

The main chassis i will give its due - Its made of really thick aluminium which i have not so much as scratched yet!

The cool looking roll cage on the top is made of bendy plastic.


If you buy one, immediately change the steering servo (i gave one of mine a Multiplex Rhino 4)
The stock servo is complete junk - it boasts 18kg stall with metal gearing - mine broke going round in circles on GRASS!
After speaking to a hobby shop (local) they deduced that the stock servo has ONE plastic part inside that cant handle the metal gearing.
So the little plastic part breaks at what i would say is about as much pressure as a standard scale servo maybe less.

NEXT: The stock twin gear cogs on the side that are covered with a clear shield made from shatterable plastic (WHY?).
You can buy metal replacement gear cogs for about £16 - DO IT!
The stock cogs are made from what looks like pressed plastic, and guess what...... I stripped mine within 15mins of play!!
Again the local hobby shop said he wouldn't put those stock gear cogs on an electric car never mind a 2 stroke!!

OK - On both my models the rear wheels just WILL NOT sit straight, they wobble all the time, its as if the manufacturer
has made the wheels wonky....
Found the problem..... The wheels are moulded plastic and the tyres are kind of spot melted on which does not seat the tyres right.
Hence they wobble a bit! - It does not affect the running but does look a bit unsightly sometimes from the back.

UPDATE: - The wheels now use proper beadlocks rather than fixed to the rims.
If you buy a second hand one you may get the early on that has fixed rims.

NOW: The rear support arms...these are the arms that keep the wheels & running gear straight.
The support arms are metal.... But the brackets they attach to are PLASTIC!!!
So the first time i ran my first model and it bounced down a bit of a dip on the grass the bracket BROKE!
The good part is that you can make these brackets REALLY easily with a properly bent piece of metal and a nut (strong as an ox!)
If you would like a diagram for this please email me.

THE REAR DIFF & SPROCKET: For some reason this area is left wide open to the elements???
I have cut two pieces of aluminium and plated the top and back of the sprocket & diff area so that dirt or debris cant get in.
(I know the gear is metal but a stray nail or piece of metal would damage it)



The brakes are fantastic - really good dual disc brakes.

The shockers are also great - Nice and big, made from what looks like billet aluminium and plenty adjustable.

Lots of the parts on these cars are quite simple - I.e you could manufacture them from metal if needed with a dremel and some patience.

The fuel tank is a good size - It runs for about 35-45mins on a tank.

The engine starts and runs really well - i expected this as XRC were originally an engine manufaturer.

The rear diff and drive appears really strong.

The chassis appears good and solid - its aluminium, about 6-7mm thick.


Things im going to do in addition:

I am going to remove the roll cage and re-build it from aluminium tube the same diameter.

I am eventually going to remove the stock wheels and upgrade for some better quality ones.

 Im going to replace the stock receiver and handset - The stock one has a distinct "made in china" feel to it..



SO: - All in all, its not a bad car for the money, but you have to expect to replace some of the parts with better upgrades.
If your after something to play with as a bit of a hobby then you will probably be ok with one of these.
If your a bit of a pro racer then i would steer clear - they are rough riders - not refined racers!

Additionally, I wouldn't advise you buying one of these if you are not at least a little bit mechanically minded & practical.


Please remember - This is my opinion from my hands on experience with these cars, you now need to make a judgement
for yourself.
I wrote this guide specifically because when i wanted to buy one i could not find anyone that could personally tell me how good or bad it was.

I hope this helps!
Best of luck :-)


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