10 Activities to do While in Wales for a Short Break

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10 Activities to do While in Wales for a Short Break

Wales is a wonderfully accommodating region for the holiday traveller who just wants a short break. It is possible to plan one's own trip or to select among holiday options designed for the traveller who only has a short break. Rustic cabins, stationery caravans, and luxury hotels all offer accommodations over bank holidays and other weekends when an individual or family might desire a brief getaway. It is even possible to book a weekend at a number of the 400 castles still standing in Wales. The traveller may begin with rental of a cottage or other short-term accommodation, then begin exploring nearby landmarks, from castles to parks. Special events in Wales include the national sheepdog trials and several food festivals of renown. Some may prefer to hire a motorhome to keep moving over their weekend.

Many Welsh options for a short break are available to the traveller on eBay. It is easy to select a region and the kind of accommodation desired for exactly the holiday planned.

Activity 1. Rent a Country Cottage and Explore

Short-term accommodation in the countryside allows for free-form holidays. Choose a location convenient to activities of interest and then lie-in or get an early start as the mood hits. With no schedule but that of the family or friends on the trip, this creates a most refreshing short break.

 Activity 2. Visit a Castle and Enjoy a Feast

Try an updated version of a 15th century feast at Cardiff Castle, Ruthven Castle, or another Welsh landmark. The meal is designed for contemporary tastes, but typically includes four courses of quality dining with an option to tour the castle. If feasting is not the top priority, another of Wales' 400 castles may exactly fit the bill.

 Activity 3. Hike in Snowdonia

The Snowdonia region offers a wide range of opportunities for diverse interests. Hiking in the national park is a given. Snowdonia is the largest national park in Wales, with 90 peaks including the tallest in Wales. The region also includes some fascinating journeys for rail fanciers, including a narrow gauge up Snowdon for those who prefer not to hike and a rail journey 450 feet underground into the slate mines at Llechwedd.

 Activity 4. Become Six of One in Portmeiron

Near Snowdonia is Portmeiron, the architectural fancy created by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis, and managed today as a resort by his grandchildren. Men fancy the annual convention for 'The Prisoner,' often held there in early April. Since the 1976 conclusion of the television series 'The Prisoner', filmed in Portmeiron, the Six of One society has shared and maintained interest in the show. Besides these more modern interests, Portmeiron includes the 19th century Castell Deudraeth, reconstructed in the 20th century and used for the Hospital in 'The Prisoner, as well as Portmeiron Hotel.

Ironically, Portmeiron stoneware is made at the Potteries at Stokes on Trent, so any factory tour must be taken on a short break in England.

 Activity 5. Drive Along Country or Seaside Roads

The winding roads of the Welsh countryside can be breathtaking, and its beaches are among the most beautiful in the British Isles. Renting a motorhome allows for travel whenever and wherever, with convenient nightly stays in caravan parks.

 Activity 6. Attend Sheepdog Trials

Small and speedy beats big and woolly every time. The national trials are held in mid-August at Pen y bont, Powys. Border Collies and their handlers compete in the effective management of flocks of sheep. The ability of these small dogs to keep a half dozen large sheep on the run is remarkable.

 Activity 7. Follow the Steps of Dylan Thomas

Poet Dylan Thomas was born in Swansea, Visitors can learn more about his life and work at the Dylan Thomas centre in the Maritime Cultural Quarter. He made his home at the Boathouse at Laugharne and worked in an attached shed. Browns Hotel, a pub he frequented, is still open and further on, rising up with a view of the Taf estuary, is Seaview, one of the houses where he lived. His remains are buried at the cemetery of nearby St. Martin's Church. The trip of just over 60 km from Swansea to Laugharne, mostly along the A48, takes about an hour.

 Activity 8. Celebrate Welsh Food

Five great food festivals offer the short-term traveler the opportunity to enjoy some of the best of Wales. The events are spread across the warm season, allowing for pleasant travel throughout summer and autumn months.





 West Wales Food Festival

National Botanic Gardens of Wales, Llanarthne

Saturday and Sunday, early May

Since 2009; the finest local food and drink; demonstrations by Wales' best chefs; talks, walks, music, magic; Sunday gala dinner by advance reservation

Llyn Land and Seafood Festival

Pwllheli Hafan Marina on the south side of the Llyn Peninsula

Saturday and Sunday in May, usually the second May bank holiday

After 10 years, this festival is having a covered building constructed; features home-based produce, meats, drinks, cheeses, wines, fish, olives, breads, confectionery, shellfish, fruit, vegetables

Cardigan Bay Seafood Festival

Aberaeron quayside

Sunday in July, usually the first bank holiday

Local fish and shellfish cooked before your eyes; a mackerel barbecue; contests in crab picking and whelk racing; folk dancing, beach art and jazz bands

Cardiff Bay International Food Festival Festival

Roald Dahl Plass, Cardiff Bay

Friday-Sunday, 2nd weekend of July

"The foodie event of the summer" with more than 100 specialist food and drink producers at the waterfront venue; diverse musical offerings; food demonstrations and hands on workshops for children and adults

Anglesey Oysters and Welsh Produce Festival

Trearddur Bay Hotel, Anglesey (subject to annual updates)

Saturday-Sunday, second weekend of October

Local oysters, Welsh farm produce, high quality Welsh beverage at a "small and friendly food fair where visitors get to … build relationships with the producers"

Of course, great food in Wales is not limited to festivals or the festival season. Those travelling at different times or who prefer to avoid crowds may prefer simply to find one of the restaurants or inns that provide outstanding local foods.

 Activity 9. Capture a Red Dragon

The red dragon has symbolised Wales since at least 829 A.D. but popular culture says that King Arthur went to battle under this flag. It appears on the Welsh flag, on the flags and seals of municipalities including Cardiff, Newport, and Swansea, and also represents such athletic organisations as the Football Association of Wales and Cardiff City Football Club.

Finding a red dragon to remember a trip to Wales is much easier done than said. Clothing for all ages carries red dragon emblems. Belt buckles, ties, and sunglasses. Mugs, teaspoons, thimbles, flags, flasks, enamel pins, embroidered patches, keyrings, tobacco tins, and refrigerator magnets bear the red dragon. The motto "Cymru am Byth" or "Wales forever" often accompanies the dragon. A variation is the slogan, "Every morning when I wake, I thank the Lord I'm Welsh." For children, Welsh dragon toys are everywhere.

 Activity 10. Cast Off the Yoke of The Saxon Oppressors

Someone has to do it. A short weekend is the perfect amount of time to try. It is long enough to know you have made the effort and not so long as to get oneself killed. Look for a reenactment society that plans a defence of Wales against the Vikings. During the show season, vacationers may be reduced to watching the battles. But during other times of year, it may be possible to borrow some kit and train with ancestral warriors. For those who have always wondered what it would be like to wield a sword and axe to 'deliver the Cymry from their Saxon foes', this is the chance. For those who become enthusiasts, plenty of Viking reenactment gear is available.

 Plan a Short Break in Wales on eBay

If you are in the habit of purchasing goods on eBay, you might be surprised to realise that people list their vacation cottages and motorhomes for rent on eBay as well. You can even search for bed & breakfast homes in Wales on the eBay marketplace.

Find the Accommodation Desired

To search for a desired accommodation, simply enter the keywords " accommodation Wales" into the Search window that appears on every eBay page. To narrow down the options offered, you can include the desired region. A range of accommodation options should appear, and you can choose the kind of accommodation desired, or browse the options that have appeared for more information about the various cottages, flats, chalets, and cabins. Another way to search is to view the options available for Short Breaks. This provides a list of accommodation that is available for Bank Holiday and other weekend guests in the desired region.


Wales offers a wide range of opportunities for short breaks and is close enough to everything that it is easy to make the trip. Any Bank Holiday is a perfect excuse for travelling to Wales. Whether making a family excursion to a festival, a romantic outing to a castle, or a manly assault on an axe-wielding Viking horde, Wales can offer the break that is wanted and needed. Wales allows the traveller to choose from seaside resorts with breathtaking ocean sands and mountain ranges with breathtaking hikes and vistas. Its diversity over short distances makes it simple for a group of travellers to find satisfying recreation for all.

It does not matter whether a traveller or group is up for great food, some sun, some bicycling, a bit of history, a rail journey, or even a trip down a cave: it may be found during a short break in Wales. Wales is close to home and close to everything a traveller might desire. With just a little searching on eBay, the perfect short break in Wales may be found.

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