10 Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Peugeot

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10 Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Peugeot

A company has been in the business of car production commencing since 1882, Peugeot is one of the older manufacturers of automobiles. The French automaker produces a broad range of vehicles and has a model to suit nearly every type of common use for an automobile. Peugeot cars are generally recognised as being reliable, practical, and providing good value. With the wide range of vehicles available at dealerships and from owners looking to sell their cars, consumers interested in buying Peugeot cars can benefit from knowing what to consider.

By taking into account 10 factors, a consumer can improve her chances of purchasing a Peugeot she can be happy with. A few factors are related to purchasing cars in general, while others are specific to new and used Peugeots. After carefully considering these factors, potential buyers can search for the right Peugeot even from an online source such as eBay. Having done the sufficient legwork, consumers should be easily able to locate the Peugeot vehicles they want and purchase them with confidence.

General Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Peugeot

Whether a consumer purchases a new or used Peugeot, there are a few general factors that can help with a good buying decision. Thinking about body type, budget, and cost of ownership are the first steps to putting consumers on the path to purchasing Peugeots.

1. Body Type

Body type is often the first factor that consumers consider when purchasing a Peugeot. The table below outlines the different Peugeot body types that are available and provides examples of Peugeot models for each body type.

Body Type




Very small vehicles; usually seating for driver and one passenger, though can be more; well suited to city use; small engines; fuel efficient; minimal cargo space



Door with window at rear that swings upwards is defining characteristic; increases cargo space for relatively small cars



Defined by three vertical pillars on car frame; pillars in front of windshield, between front and rear seating and behind rear seating; can have a boot or hatchback

508 Saloon


Generally long-bodied with a hatchback at the rear; designed for carrying extra cargo; also generally spacious passenger vehicles

508 Estate


Defining characteristic is retractable or removable roof made from cloth or hard plastic; may offer sports-car performance, including powerful engine, precise handling

307 Convertible


Relatively compact car usually offering enhanced performance; often has two doors, though some models have four; rear-passenger space limited


Multipurpose Vehicle

Expanded passenger space, often with three rows of seating; cab is also larger from floor to roof; often possible to configure seating to expand cargo space


Sport Utility Vehicle

Combines power of truck with comfort of large sedan; often features four-wheel drive; usually large cargo capacity and plenty of space for passengers


Since body types suit specific needs, consumers should consider what they plan on using a Peugeot for in order to settle on the right body type. Those looking for a fast sports car may consider buying a coupe, while those who need a family vehicle should may choose a Peugeot MPV.

2. Budget

Many consumers enter the buying process with a budget for how much they plan to spend on the Peugeot. Buying a new Peugeot is generally more expensive than a buying a used one, and budget can also influence which body type a consumer chooses. The Peugeot market is broad, so consumers should be able to find new or used models consistent with the amount of money they want to spend.

3. Cost of Ownership

In addition to what consumers spend upfront for a Peugeot, they also must take into account the costs of owning a car. Fuel is one of the chief expenses. Consumers may want to consider a fuel-efficient Peugeot, such as one with a diesel-fuel engine, to save on fuel costs. Insurance is another cost associated with owning a car. The more a Peugeot costs, the more it may cost to insure, depending on the type of plan purchased. Considering these aspects of owning a Peugeot helps consumers avoid purchasing cars they cannot afford to keep.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a New Peugeot

Should one decide to buy a new Peugeot, considering the trim level, dealer offers, financing, and reviews helps hone in on the right car.

4. Trim Level

Those looking to buy new Peugeots can choose between different trims after they settle on the models they want to purchase. Trim levels can vary quite a bit within a model, with the high-end trim costing thousands of pounds more than the low-level trim. Although trims within a model may look the same, the features can be quite different from trim to trim. One trim may come standard with cloth seats, while another trim may have leather seats. Features such as a navigation system may also be available on a higher-end trim but not in a lower-end one.

5. Dealer Offers

Shopping around at local dealerships can help consumers find deals on new Peugeots. Pricing can vary from dealership to dealership, but each car seller wants a customer's business and is often willing to be flexible in order to get it. One dealership may match or try to beat the offer made by another dealership. This can involve lowering prices or giving away normally expensive add-on features for free. Getting quotes from various dealerships can therefore result in substantial savings on a new Peugeot.

6. Financing

Looking at financing options can help a consumer afford a new Peugeot that he or she thought was otherwise outside the target price range. This generally involves consulting with banks about their interest rates on loans and working with a Peugeot dealership to structure a plan including a down payment followed by regular monthly payments. Leasing a new Peugeot with an option to buy at the end of the lease may be a better option for consumers who are unsure that they want to make a larger initial financial commitment.

7. Reviews

It is also a good idea to read reviews before purchasing a new Peugeot. Reviews can provide valuable insight about a Peugeot's strengths and weaknesses, helping consumers determine which trims in a model offer better value and which shortcomings they can account for by adding optional features when they consult the local Peugeot dealership.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Used Peugeot

Buying a used Peugeot can save considerable money. However, the consumer must pay attention to the car's condition and consider maintenance costs and seller reputation to improve the chances of a satisfactory purchase.

8. Condition

Condition should be of primary concern to anyone looking to purchase a used Peugeot, and this pertains to both the look of the car and how it runs beneath the bonnet. Judging the appearance of a used Peugeot is easier than checking for mechanical problems. Careful inspection should reveal any scratches and dents to the Peugeot's exterior, and imperfections to the upholstery inside the car should be readily apparent. Those who are not knowledgeable about automobile engineering may want to have a mechanic inspect a used Peugeot's moving parts. A trained expert should be able to identify parts that may need replacement. Anyone selling a used Peugeot should accurately describe its condition, but oversights do occur as a result of honest mistakes and wilful negligence.

9. Maintenance

Maintenance is an important factor to consider when buying a car, but it is especially important for used cars. If buying a Peugeot that has been on the road for a few years, the consumer should not expect it to remain problem-free as long as a new Peugeot. Those looking to purchase a used Peugeot should therefore be prepared to replace parts periodically. Maintenance costs can build up, but knowing a good source to acquire quality Peugeot parts from at reasonable prices can reduce these expenses.

10. Seller Reputation

Finding a reputable seller to buy a used Peugeot from is important to experiencing satisfaction with the purchase. Sellers of used Peugeots should be able to provide paperwork documenting past issues with the vehicles. Potential buyers should have a way of vetting dealerships selling used Peugeots to verify that the dealerships have a history of satisfied customers. This is a bit more difficult when purchasing directly from a Peugeot owner, but meeting the owner in person can sometimes help potential buyers sense if the seller is trustworthy.

How to Buy a Peugeot on eBay

You can buy a new Peugeot from a dealership and a used one at a used car dealership or via classified ads. You can also find new and used Peugeots on eBay. It is easy to search for the Peugeot you want and to find local sellers on the website.

Searching for a Peugeot

You can search for a Peugeot from any eBay page with the search bar on it. If you use the Peugeot model you want as your search term, for example "Peugeot 207", and choose the category related to car listings, eBay can present all of the Peugeot 207s for sale on the site. You can then filter by model year, fuel type, transmission, and colour to trim the listings to Peugeots that meet your preferences.

Finding Local Sellers

If you are not keen on travelling far from home to see and test drive a Peugeot listed on eBay, you can filter the listings for local sellers by specifying the distance from your postcode within which they should be located. eBay then presents listings that are in your area, saving you time and money in your search.


Considering specific factors helps consumers successfully purchase the Peugeots they want. Whether purchasing a new or used Peugeot, potential buyers can consider general factors such as body type, budget, and cost of ownership to begin narrowing down the list of suitable cars. If they decide to go for a new Peugeot, they should then look at trim levels, dealer offers, financing, and reviews to get behind the wheel of the right car. If potential buyers want to save money by purchasing a used Peugeot, they can consider condition, maintenance, and seller reputation to ensure satisfactory ownership.

eBay is a good source to buy a Peugeot from because the site offers a large selection of these cars with competitive pricing. Learning how to search eBay and find local sellers makes tracking down the right Peugeot easier. As long as consumers have basic knowledge about how they can use the site effectively and consider the proper factors, they should enjoy owning their Peugeots for years to come.

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