10 Mobile Phone Replacement Parts and Tools Every DIY-Enthusiast Must Own

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10 Mobile Phone Replacement Parts and Tools Every DIY-Enthusiast Must Own

Usually it starts with a single repair, perhaps a shattered touch screen or a jammed keyboard. Suddenly, a mobile phone DIY enthusiast is born. Friends ask for help with their phones. Co-workers ask for advice on making phone repairs, hoping that they will be rewarded with some free help with their mobile phone hardware issues. Suddenly, it is important to have all of the proper tools and parts for mobile phone repairs on hand. Of course, most mobile phone parts are model-specific, and there is little reason for an amateur to keep a selection on hand. However, there are a number of tools that will come in handy for the repair of small electronic devices, regardless of the brand or model, and some parts are both inexpensive and common. Here are ten mobile phone replacement parts and tools that every DIY enthusiast must own:

1- Anti-Static Gear

Static electricity is not just for adhering socks to the backs of trousers. It is a real and powerful form of energy, and it can wreak havoc with the delicate circuits in a small, modern piece of technology like a mobile phone. That is why it is so important to be grounded, literally, while repairing electronics, including mobile phones. The tools should be grounded, as well. How is this accomplished? An anti-static cuff can discharge static electricity. Simply attach the cuff's metal clip to a piece of metal plumbing pipe or to an electrical ground and wear it while working. An anti-static mat can do the same thing for the tools and for the phone being repaired. Of course, touching the tools while grounded will ground them, as well. This is at the top if the list because it is important. Always provide grounding.

2- Screwdrivers and Bits

Mobile phones are usually held together with tiny screws. Some are straight-forward slot or Phillips-head screws. Others are somewhat less common. The fact is, the small, specialised, often difficult to extract screws in mobile phones are a major reason why most people never consider trying to repair them at home. A true DIY enthusiast will buy a selection of screw bits designed for mobile phone repair. It should include Pentalobe bits for iPhones, Torx bits, square bits, hex bits, triangular bits and perhaps Tri-wing, JIS and Torx Security bits. Make sure that they are well organised so that it will be easy to find the specific bit needed once the repair is underway.

3- A Grabber and Tweezers

All of the small parts in a mobile phone can be difficult to work with, especially for people with large hands or long fingernails. A few pairs of tweezers in different sizes can be very helpful. So can a three-pronged retractable grabber, which can help pick things up and can assist with detaching parts from the phone, as well. Make sure to acquire at least one pair of tweezers with a bent, pointed head. Those are especially good for getting into small spaces.

4- Needle Nose Pliers

For parts that need to be both grabbed and pulled with some degree of force, there is no substitute for a small, sturdy pair of needle nose pliers. They are also useful for holding a part steady while working on it and for extracting parts. They translate the full strength of a person's grip into the small area at the point of the pliers.

5- A Suction Cup

A suction cup can be invaluable for pulling apart components that are held together by friction or by a vacuum. Use a suction cup to gently remove a broken mobile phone screen or to pull a battery up once it has been exposed and unfastened.

6- An Opening Lever

Even after removing all of the screws, opening a mobile phone can be a challenge. Often, the only way to separate the parts is to insert a lever in between two very closely placed parts. This requires something thin and sturdy. However, using something made of metal, like a knife, can be a mistake. Metal conducts electricity. A simple solution is to use a guitar pick. Alternatively, buy a tool designed for the purpose.

7- A Selection of Fasteners

Those tiny screws sometimes get lost despite reasonable efforts to keep them safe and in order. That's why a selection of mobile phone screws, mini-bolts, nuts and washers can be useful to have. Buy them as part of a kit or purchase a few phones for parts. A pill box is a perfect organiser for small parts like these.

8- A Battery Tester

A dodgy mobile phone battery can really cause a lot of aggravation. The phone will run out of power too soon, and it may work sluggishly as well. Of course, when a phone appears to be dead or "bricked," the battery is the first thing that should be checked. That is why a battery tester can be so very useful. It should not be necessary to buy a replacement battery in order to find out if the current one is working or not.

9- Adhesive Strips

Adhesive strips are often used to hold assemblies together in mobile phones. For example, they may hold the screen to the sensor pad or the keyboard to the case. These peel-and-stick strips can usually be loosened with a little heat. When a replacement part is installed, they are often needed to secure it. It may be possible to use a dab of glue or rubber cement, but that could gum up the phone, hold things together that are not meant to be attached or even damage components. Why not use the right materials for the job?

10- Compressed Air

Compressed air is available in bottled form, with a small diameter tube to direct the spray. It is used to blow debris out of small spaces. Compressed air can work wonders on dirt and dust that may be clogging buttons or keyboards. It can be used to clean the interior of the phone. It can even be used to help loosen parts held on by friction.

Buying Mobile Phone Replacement Parts and Tools on eBay

One of the best places to find mobile phone replacement parts and tools online is eBay. Because eBay has such a variety of sellers, it is often possible to find the specialised parts needed to repair a specific mobile phone. Of course, phone repair tools and general supplies are also easy to find on eBay. To view a selection of mobile phone replacement parts, begin at the eBay homepage. Then, look forElectronics & Technology in the menu on the left of the screen and click on it. From there, selectMobile & Home Phones and thenMobile Phone Accessories. Finally, click on Other Mobile Phone Accessories and check off Type: Replacement Parts . That will pinpoint a selection of tools and replacement parts that can be searched and refined by phone and model. Try looking under Replacement Parts & Tools, as well. From either of these sections, look for specific parts by using the search field at the top centre left of the screen. Alternatively, try searching from the eBay homepage and then narrowing the search by selecting a category from the column to the left of the results. As always, scroll down to the bottom of the left column to find all of eBay's options. It is possible to designate a price range, limit the search to local suppliers for faster shipping, or limit the search to auctions or to buy-it-now.


It is possible to make many different types of repairs to mobile and smart phones from home with these ten types of tools and parts: an anti-static cuff, screwdrivers and bits, a grabber or tweezers, needle nose pliers, a suction cup, an opening lever, a selection of fasteners, a battery tester, adhesive strips and compressed air. Impress friends, neighbours and co-workers with the DIY repairs that these tools make possible, or simply enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that if something goes wrong with the phone, chances are that it can be fixed quickly and competently without the expense of a professional repair.

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