10 Must Have Replacement Parts and Tools Every Mobile Phone Owner Must Have

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10 Must Have Replacement Parts and Tools Every Mobile Phone Owner Must Have

Having a small selection of replacement parts and tools to hand can be a useful way of keeping a mobile phone in good working order. With the right tools and skills, anyone can save time and money by maintaining and repairing their own mobile phone. Proper care and maintenance of a mobile phone will not just keep the device working at peak performance; it can also help to keep it looking better too. A few pounds spent on a selection of well-chosen replacement parts and tools can make the phone look and feel like new.

Replacement Parts

Choosing which replacement parts will give the phone the biggest lift will obviously depend on the condition of the device itself. However, there are several important replaceable phone components which can significantly influence the performance and look of the device. When some of these are changed together, it can have the effect of giving the phone an instant makeover.

Mobile Phone Case

Most mobile phone cases can be upgraded with genuine, and aftermarket, replacement items that are designed to make the device appear more stylish or will offer it additional protection. When choosing a new mobile phone case, it is important to consider all the situations in which the phone will be used. A mobile phone case should be sober enough for work meetings, but also individual enough to convey something of the owner's personality.


Buying a replacement battery for a phone which has a working power source may at first seem a waste of money. However, mobile phone batteries are cheap enough that buying an additional power unit to keep as a spare can actually make very good sense. Having an additional, fully charged, mobile phone battery handy can be invaluable for those who do a lot of travelling. This is particularly true for those who frequently go abroad where keeping electrical items fully charged can be problematic.


Although keypads these days are relatively reliable, they are also cheap enough that having a spare replacement to hand can be a good idea. As with replacement casing parts, swapping keypads can be an excellent way to liven up a dull work phone at the weekend.

SD card

A spare SD card can act as a portable information source, for passing telephone numbers and media to colleagues and friends. As the cost of SD cards keeps falling, while their capacity keeps rising, buying a new SD card can be a cheap phone upgrade, while generating a useful spare at the same time.

Screen Cover

It can be useful to keep a few spare screen covers tucked into the mobile phone's case or cover. It is always nice to know that if the existing screen cover gets to the point where it needs replacing, a spare will always be to hand. However, when storing spare screen covers with the phone itself, it is important to ensure that they are sufficiently protected. It can be a good idea to keep them with a small square of screen cleaning cloth, as the screen must be perfectly clean before they can be attached.

Replacement Tools

The tools to maintain and service a phone are usually very cheap to buy. However, a collection of the right tools can prove invaluable should the device go wrong. Due to the modular design of modern handsets, most mobile phone owners will find they are quite capable of replacing a broken screen or faulty camera should the need arise. When buying mobile phone tools, look for implements which feature ergonomic anti-slip handles and magnetic tips.

Precision Screwdrivers

Most mobile phone manufacturers rely on hexalobular fasteners to secure the components within their devices. In order to work on the phone it is therefore essential to first purchase a good quality set of Torx screwdrivers. A complete set of the sizes required to cover all the various mobile phone models available should cost no more than a few pounds. In addition to a precision Torx screwdriver set, it is also worth purchasing precision flat head and precision cross head screwdriver sets. Although these fasteners are less commonly used in mobile phone construction, it is always useful to have the correct screwdrivers on hand should they be encountered. Complete precision screwdriver toolkits are available which comprise all three head designs.

Pry Tools

Pry tools are shaped pieces of plastic that allow the release of the small clips that hold many mobile phone components in place. The two basic designs are the guitar pick and the crowbar. Guitar picks are triangular pieces of hard plastic with corners that are of varying thicknesses. These are great for unfastening casings which require very little force to separate them. A crowbar pry, as the name suggests, is used for more stubborn fastenings. Levering components with a crowbar pry must be done with a great deal of care, as the tool has the potential to easily damage both the parts being separated.

Magnifying Glass

Even those with good eyesight will occasionally be thankful for a magnifying glass when working on mobile phone. A magnifying glass is particularly useful for properly seating small fastenings and also when attempting to read part numbers. The device does not have to be particularly powerful or expensive; a cheap compact model will usually suffice.


A pair of tweezers can prove invaluable for removing stray fasteners lodged in the nooks and crannies of a mobile phone. Tweezers are also useful for removing cable connectors and the small adhesive pads that are often used as a buffer between components. Although straight tweezers are usually ideal, a pair of curved tweezers can sometimes offer additional purchase on components that are particularly difficult to access. However, the main consideration when buying a set of tweezers for mobile phone work is that they are of the more narrow tipped variety.


A craft knife, or scalpel, can be essential when fitting more awkward phone components. The poor fit of cheaper components can sometimes require the removal of extraneous material left by the moulding process. The tip of the scalpel can also be useful for lifting cards and screen covers; it is also useful for removing protective wrap during the reassembly process.

Finding Replacement Parts and Tools on eBay

Every kind of "must have" replacement mobile phone part and tool can be found on eBay, using the powerful searching and browsing facilities. Searching for a tool or part is simply a question of entering some relevant details into the search bar, which can be found at the head of every page. For example, to find a replacement keypad for a Nokia 6310, simply enter "Nokia 6310 keypad" into the search facility. To browse the eBay stock of mobile phone parts and tools simply expand the All Categories menu located next to the search bar. Select the Mobile Phones & Communication option and then click on Replacement Parts & Tools. The options located to the left of the page make it very easy to focus the search onto the most suitable phone repair items. For example, these can be used to show only silver or yellow Nokia battery covers , should these be what is required.


There are a number of useful replacement parts and tools, suitable for every kind of mobile phone, available on the eBay website. Which of these are "must have" items will depend as much on the owner, as on the particular phone they have. It is reassuring to have a few replacement components and tools to hand should the phone ever go wrong. Being able to quickly change the colour and style of a phone can also help to enhance the daily experience of owning and using the device. Anyone who finds working on their handset enjoyable can benefit from some well-chosen additions to their mobile phone repair toolkit.

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