10 Reasons why Every Woman Should Own a Kitchen Aid

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Love or hate popular culture, the society we live in popularises products and makes them the  latest product to have. However, the hype that surrounds a kitchen aid is one that has both longevity and a purpose. The initial outlay could make some eyes water and that is the reason I have compiled '10 reasons why every woman should own a kitchen aid'. Whether this guide allows you to justify the purchase to yourself, partner or merely appreciate the machine rather than the hype attached to them.

1. The style of the Kitchen Aid remains classic and Iconic. There is little in the way that can date and will remain a staple part of your kitchen for many many years.

2. A versatile device, there are hundreds of options to ease your culninary experiences. Mincers, smoothie makers, beaters, ice cream makers to name a few.

3. A solid cast iron structure ensures that the likelyhood of it being inadvertantly damaged is reduced. Any parts that may damage are easily replaceable and purchased.

4. Hands-free baking, more power, less mess and faster results. These might be apparent but time after time, they prove to be really helpful reasons.

5. Many mixers come with stainless steel bowls that we find handy for all sorts of uses – even when not being used as a mixer. The bowls are great for makeshift double boilers and the narrow deep-bowl styles are great for ice-cream molds or for molded cakes with mousse fillings.

6. Another benefit of the Kitchen Aid Artisan mixer is the speed levels. You can go nice and slow or kick things up a notch on one of the higher levels.

7. An assortment of colours are availiable to either conform or express individuality.

8. The KitchenAid stand mixer all are powered with motors that have a throughput of over 400W, in other words – a power house.

9. Great customer service and a reputable brand.

10. Be the envy of your friends.

If you aren't convinced now that your kitchen is incomplete without a kitchen aid, have a look on youtube at how easy it is to make many different products.  
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