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1.Always be courteous in emails, even if the other ebayer is trying it on. If you are always courteous, that's one less thing they can complain about!
2.Always offer as much help as possible. Most ebayers will be fine after the first bit of help. Those that need more, will normally be very grateful that you have kept providing help.
3.Always communicate as quickly as possible. There is nothing more annoying than sending an email to someone and then having to wait 3/4 days before getting a reply.
4.Always try to explain as best and as accurate as possible any misunderstandings/misinformation etc that the other ebayer feels they have received. Most people know exactly what you mean but those that don't may need a more simple explanation. Explaining it as simply as possible normally helps them to understand exactly what you are saying and more often than not this will end in them purchasing an item. Those extra few minutes explaining something which you thought was already self-explanatory may be well worth it!
5.Always leave feedback as quickly as you can. Don't let it build up. Leaving feedback quickly will allow them to leave feedback for you quicker and so your rating will go up quicker. It all helps.
6.Never leave sarcastic/horrible/stupid/bad feedback for another ebayer if you can possibly help it. More and more people these days are checking feedback left by a seller before buying from them. Even if a customer has messed you about something rotten, try to leave sensible feedback. It makes you look more professional, more business like and normally makes you look better than the other ebayer anyway!
7.Always try and sort a dispute out with another ebayer before taking it any further. 99% of the time, both parties will be amicable and it all helps towards a good reputation.
8.Always offer a return policy if you can. The majority of buyers do not use this option but it makes you look better if you offer it. If you are a successful seller, a few returns should not be a problem.
9.Always post items as quickly as you can. It gets them out of your way and helps the sale close out quicker. People appreciate a quick delivery and again it shows you care about your customers.
10.Always treat other ebayers as you would like to be treated. If everybody did this, the ebay community would be a lot happier!
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