10 Short Break Ideas for University Students

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10 Short Break Ideas for University Students

Studies are not the only important aspect of being a student. Socialising and enjoyment characterise well-rounded student life, and there are few better ways to have fun and bond with friends than to travel somewhere with them. A short break is the perfect escape from studies and an opportunity to recharge the academic battery for full-powered effort in the classroom. Friends who travel together also form lifelong bonds with one another.

There are plenty of ways to take a short break. Short breaks in European cities are great ways to learn about foreign cultures. Short breaks at beaches are ideal for relaxing, while outdoor adventure short breaks are perfect for students who appreciate nature. There are numerous sources for planning short breaks, including eBay. In order to successfully use the site to make arrangements for a short break, students must have a good idea of where they want to go, what they want to do there, and how to use eBay to find the right deals on breaks.

 City Short Break Ideas for University Students

A European city is a great choice for a city break because culture and nightlife make for an exciting visit any time of year. Destinations such as Amsterdam, Paris, Prague, and Berlin are easy to reach from almost anywhere in the United Kingdom, and their mixtures of museums, history, pubs, and clubs make the cities great choices for students who want to learn and have fun when they get away from their studies.

 1. Amsterdam

With its perfect blend of atmosphere, culture, and fun, it may seem like Amsterdam was purpose-built to welcome students on short breaks. The city's free spirit, unique architecture, and easy connections to the British Isles make Amsterdam a great choice for a weekend getaway. Students can blow off steam in the city's pubs, nightclubs, and alternative cafes, but they can also satisfy their intellectual curiosity in the many history and art museums. A blend of learning and hedonism often characterise student life, and Amsterdam sites such as the Van Gogh Museum, the Anne Frank House, the Heineken Brewery, coffee shops, and the Red Light District help students strike the perfect balance of learning and fun.

 2. Paris

The Eurostar under the English Channel makes Paris one of the easier international destinations to reach from the UK. The city's architecture, food, fashion, and fun make it a great place for students to venture on short breaks. Paris is an iconic destination for sites such as the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame Cathedral, and the Arc de Triomphe, but the city offers so much more, that it is nearly impossible to see everything on a short break. First timers may want to catch the highlights, including the sites mentioned above and the Louvre, while young veterans can soak up Parisian life in the quarter of Le Marais.

 3. Prague

When the Iron Curtain lifted in 1989, one of the first things travellers noticed about Eastern Europe is that Prague, in Czech Republic, is an excellent place to visit. A few decades later, a trip to the city remains near the top of many bucket lists. Low-cost airlines make reaching Prague affordable to students, and the city itself offers great value even if a beer now costs a bit more than a few pence. Prague's allure is mostly due to its atmosphere, and getting lost in Old Town is part of an itinerary rather than an accident. A giant castle looms over the city from its hilltop perch, and narrow cobblestone streets open to squares punctuated by neck-craning church spires. Centuries-old pubs serving renowned Czech pilsner are ideal spots for resting tired feet, and Prague's dark, gothic atmosphere becomes even more evident in its cellar bars and underground nightclubs after the sun goes down.

 4. Berlin

Berlin is a must-visit destination for keen students of history. The wall that divided the city's capitalist West and communist East was a Cold War metaphor. While it is still possible to see distinct differences between Berlin's western and eastern zones, the city is much more than just the focal point for observing Europe's East-West dichotomy. Berlin is a European centre for contemporary arts, and the city features many modern galleries and venues for seeing various kinds of performances. Berlin is also energetic at night, as thumping clubs fill with patrons who are serious about having fun. The city also has a vibrant immigrant population that offers a wide variety of flavourful cuisine from around the globe.

 Beach Short Break Ideas for University Students

British winters are dark and wet, which is ideal weather for studying but not for sitting on the beach. The climate in the UK may improve by the time spring holidays roll around in April, but it is still not suitable beach weather. However, destinations such as Spain, the Greek Islands, Egypt, and Turkey are rounding into sun-worshipping shape in mid-spring, and they are really hitting their stride by the time students finish their exams in June.

 5. Spain

Ibiza is the place to go in Spain for pure revelry. The island is the clubbing capital of the world, with world-class DJs taking to the decks every night in season. The beaches are ideal for recuperating and re-energising for another night out, and the most difficult decision students have to make is which clubs to party in. Other Balearic islands such as Mallorca, Menorca, and Formentera are tamer than Ibiza, but they also offer a good mix of sea, sand, sun, and fun. The Costa Brava has also been catering to British visitors for years, and it has well-developed nightlife and resorts.

 6. Greek Islands

The beauty of the Greek Islands has been a source of inspiration for Greek mythology, and students are likely to return from short breaks here with a few stories of their own. The table below lists features of some of the Greek Islands that make great choices for short breaks for university students.




Beautiful beaches; buzzing nightlife; excellent restaurants; eye-catching architecture, including scenic windmills; nearby island of Delos full of ancient-Greek ruins


Volcanic landscape; black-sand beaches; stunning scenery, including famous sunsets; caldera tours; excellent wines


Student nightlife capital of Greek Islands; young visitors from all over Europe; beautiful beaches; inexpensive accommodation; empty outside of summer


Fun nightlife; large island to explore; mix of architectural influences in towns and cities; diversity of nature; isolated beaches around island

Mykonos, Santorini, and Corfu have enough cultural attractions to make April visits worthwhile even if the weather is not suitable for the beach. However, part of the attraction of the Greek Islands is cloudless summer weather, ideal for celebrating the end of exams.

 7. Egypt

Students who want guaranteed sunshine during spring holidays ought to consider a visit to Egypt. April is a great time to visit because the days are warm and sunny enough for laying on the beach but not oppressively hot as they can be in summer. Sharm El-Sheikh is the place to go for getting a tan by the Red Sea. The city is full of foreign visitors, so nightlife has more of a Western feel there than it does in many Egyptian cities. Sharm is also a world-class scuba diving destination, making it a great choice for students who want to add a bit of adventure to their short breaks.

 8. Turkey

Greece may have just about every Aegean island, but Turkey has plenty of Aegean coastline. The coast is also warm and sunny by the time April comes around, and the Mediterranean moderates temperatures throughout the summer. Bodrum has the mix of nightlife and beaches that many students crave for a sunny holiday. Marmaris, Fethiye, Antalya, and Alanya are also prime spots along the Turkish Riviera.

 Outdoor Adventure Short Break Ideas for University Students

An active short break is a great way to release stress that builds up during the academic year. Skiing and snowboarding and walking are two types of outdoor adventure short breaks that appeal to active students.

 9. Skiing and Snowboarding

The sun does not necessarily have to shine for students to enjoy an outdoor holiday. Stormy winter weather drops a great deal of snow in the Alps, and skiing and snowboarding short holidays are fun winter short breaks for students. France, Switzerland, Austria, and Italy are the traditional choices for daytime activities and evening revelry, but Andorra and Bulgaria have exciting skiing and snowboarding resorts that are friendly to student budgets.

 10. Walking

Walking may appeal to student groups looking for active fun in the outdoors when the weather turns warmer. From the Scottish Highlands to Andalucia to the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, there are plenty of great destinations in the UK and further afield that provide beautiful scenery and interesting culture. A short break involving walking can be a great way to build lifelong bonds with university friends.

 How to Use eBay to Plan a Short Break for University Students

It is possible to plan a short break with a travel agent or a tour provider. You can also visit eBay to make your short break arrangements. It is easy to search the website for short break packages and to evaluate those selling short break arrangements on the site.

 Searching for Short Break Packages

You can search for a short break package from any eBay page with the search bar. You can use a term, such as "Paris", and then select the category related to holidays and travel. You should be able to see options for short break packages if they are available. You can also make accommodation and transportation arrangements separately.

 Evaluating Sellers

It is important to evaluate sellers of short break packages to ensure that your short break meets your expectations. You can evaluate eBay sellers by clicking on their names on their listings and looking at their feedback. This is a collection of the comments and ratings other buyers have left for sellers, and you can use them to determine whether or not you are likely to be satisfied in your transaction with a particular seller.


A diversity of cultures, landscapes, and outdoor activities in close proximity to the UK provides university students with ample opportunities for short breaks. The numerous budget airlines connecting to destinations also make travelling affordable for students. Travelling is a great way for students to learn, try new things, and have fun. Choosing the right short break can provide some of the more memorable experiences of a student's university life, so it is important to give careful consideration to the chosen destination and short break package.

City short breaks, such as Amsterdam, Paris, Prague, and Berlin offer a mix of culture and nightlife that make for fun learning experiences. Beach short breaks, such as Spain, Greece, Egypt, and Turkey, can provide the opportunities for relaxation that students need in their university lives. Outdoor adventure short breaks, such as skiing, snowboarding, and walking are great ways to get exercise and to socialise. eBay is a good source for making arrangements for a short break. Knowing how to use the site for this purpose helps university students plan short breaks and create memories for a lifetime.

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