10 Simple Tattooing Tips

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1. Make sure your elastic bands are not too slack as your needle will wobble, too tight and it will slow your machine down.
2. If your needle bar does not securely fit the grommet it will rattle and lose power, check there is no play in it.
3. Too much tension on the back spring will break the spring. Our Cyclone power supply can measure spring settings.
4. Make sure sure your needle is not binding and catching on your tip, it should rest on the bottom of the tip.
5. Always fully load the tip with ink so you don't run out mid line.
6. Hold the skin firmly and stretch slightlty to get a firm surface.
7. Always use something like Vaseline whilst working it makes the excess ink easier to wipe off.
8. Never wipe the excess ink off too hard, you will wipe away the transfer.
9. Use a good quality needle, the white boxes are never consistent and you'll never find out where you are going wrong.
10. Don't overwork the tattoo, if your technique is right and your machine is set up correctly it should easily
put the ink in smooth and solid. An overworked tattoo will cause excess scabbing and never heal solid.


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