10 Steps to Making Beautiful Medallion Stamp Images

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The aim of this guide is to explain the basic step-by-step principles of using Medallion Stamps to create beautiful images which can form the stunning centrepiece of any papercraft project.

Don't forget that you can change the colour of paper, glitter and even the number of layers you want to create intricate and a different result everytime you use your stamp.

1. Stamp the image onto the card for the number of layers you want in your finished image, using an embossing inkpad.  For a more stunning effect, try alternating the colour of your cardstock between layers.

2. Sprinkle the wet images generously with embossing powder - gold works well with most Medallion stamps.  Tap off the excess back into a Craft Tray to return it to the jar.

3. Heat the powdered design until the powder melts for each layer.

4. Cut out the base layer leaving a narrow border (approximately 2mm) around the embossing.  This will improve the appearance, but is only needed for the first layer.

5. Cut out the second image, but making it smaller than the first by leaving some of the peripheral parts out.  Cut to the embossing edge for this and every later part.  Accurate cutting is the key to success.

6. Cut out the remaining layers as in Step 5.

7. Once you have cut the required number of layers, apply glitter to the required areas.  To do this you will need use Clear Art Glitter Glue.  You will need to snip off the end of the tube just enough to allow the glue to flow, then attach the fine metal tip to the tube of glue.  Although the glue looks white, it will dry clear.  If you use Pee Wee Glitters, they will be transparent so, when dry, the lines of the image will show through.  As the colour of the card will also show through, remember to use complementing colours of glitter.

8. Apply the glue to the chosen areas, working around the image.  Don't glue the whole area at once, it will dry before you get to apply all the glitter.  When you first apply the glue, don't worry if it appears bulbous, as it will dry flat.  Sprinkle the glitter onto the glue and then tap the excess back off into your Craft Tray.  Work from the outside of each image, and remember that when you place the next image on top it will cover the centre of the piece below - so don't waste time and glitter where you don't need to.

9. When you are happy with the glittering on all your pieces, simple mount them on top of each other using sticky foam pads, starting with the largest and working through to the smallest, taking care to line them up.

10. Then mount your Medallion image as the centrepiece of your chosen project.

Enjoy your new masterpiece!

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