10 Things to Note When Selling - EBAY Revised

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10 Important Things to Note When Selling

  1. Good things are not cheap and cheap things are not good - If you believe the item you are selling is not good do not sell it, this will be reflected in your Ebay Detailed Seller Rating.  When you are selling items that you feel are below quality expectations, be honest and detail everything you feel is below par.  There are still people out there who are going to be interested.

  2. Facts Tell, Benefits Sell.  When listing your item (in this instance a small car) dont  just tell people that its a car, has 6 months MOT and 3 months Road Tax, Tell them its a fabulous little run around that is ideal for taking your children on the school run and small trips to the shops.  FACT HERE IS ITS A CAR, BENEFITS IS A RUN AROUND GOOD FOR SCHOOL TRIPS SHOPPING ETC. 6 Months Road Tax is the fact, the benefit is that the car had its MOT in the last 6 Months, It did need a new exhaust, but everything else is sound.  I would think, well if its a good car, exhaust is a serviceable item, one I wont need to replace for a couple of years.  Think long and hard about your benefits they will boost your sales tenfold

  3. Failed to Plan or Planned to Fail.  There are three types of people out there, winners, those that try and those that dont.  The first speaks for its self.  Most people fail to plan in life.  Set your self goals and achievements during your ebay experience, plan how many ltems you are going to list a day/week etc and exceed your targets.  See what works and what does not and benefit from your personal experiences.  The other type of person is somone who planned to fail. An example here is someone who wants a thriving business on Ebay and they plan to list 1 item a week until they reach a million pounds.  They are not going to survive and will soon get fed up and fail.

  4. Your life is in your hands, you control your future and the immediate future around you.  Let me tell you a story wich will help explain.  In a village in China there was this old wise man who when asked any question, always knew the answer and was always right.  Young Chow Lee the kind of wild kid of the town thought, I know what I will do, I will go up to the old wise man with a bird in my hand and ask him if the bird is alive or dead.  If the old man says its alive, I will crush it in my hands and he will be long, if he says its dead, I will open my hands and let the bird fly free.  So, off went Chow to the Old Wise Man and he said to the wise man, I have a bird cupped in my hands, your so clever and wise I want you to tell me if its alive or dead.  The old man looked at Chow and said to him "its what ever you want it to be".  So if you want to be a success, its in your hands

  5. Feel, Felt, Find - Put your self in your buyers position when they are buying from you.  Buy something off of ebay, out of a shop and experience a bad sale, experience a pleasant transaction so that you know how you want to be treated - Understand how your customers Feel, If you have felt angry at a sale that went wrong, why would you want your customers to suffer, so find a solution to something that could potentially go bad.

  6. Answer as many objections about your product in your listing that you can think of.  Example I decide to clean out my wardrobe and find a heavy winter coat.  My options here are charity shop as its the wrong time of year for ebay or take a punt on ebay.  So I take a punt on ebay and in the listing I know that when people see the description and the photo of the coat, that they might really like it but hey we are going through a heat wave right now, I need a bikini.  So advertise the fact that its a wonderful warm coat, ideal for the winter months and because of the time of the year, why not grab yourself a bargain.  instantly, all those people who were thinking, erm this person is not stupid selling a winter coat in summer, what they are trying do is beat the rush.  what you are actually doing is premting them.

  7. As a successful sales professional in sales for over 15 years now its important to become an actor for your customer.  Become there advisor if they have questions about the item, become a funeral director if they have a similar item and yours is slightly better, bury there item in a tactful way to encourage them to purchase your item.  Become a checkout operative when they need help paying for your item.  Dont just be a jack of all trades, be an expert in them all.

  8. Get them to buy from you, dont just reply to a question " yes its a size 18 top with black beads".  Build rapport, use your Acting Skills to be their best friend.  Hi there, how are you doing today, Hope this rain stops soon.  yes it is a size 18 top, are you a small  or a large 18 because I found that this top is a very fitted top, hence why I am selling it, I have a similar one due to be listed in a couple of days. bla de bla de bla.  Build conversation, Build relationships this will encourage them to reccomend you on to friends etc. 

  9. Support your customer all the way through the buying process from initial questions right through to any complaints they may have on recieving your product.  However if you have dont a good job listing and describing your product you will minimise these to just a few - there will always be someone who you cant please and just take it on the chin.  Be polite at all times and answer the questions in a friendly manor.  The chances are they were held up on the way in to work, had to work through there lunch hour, missed lunch with Debbie in accounts because they had to catch up from being late.  As long as you are professional and polite you can not go far wrong.

  10. The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.  If you know your product is very good and you know that the service you provide is fantastic and the aftercare you offer is even better still, you can charge a little extra for your item than someone selling exactly the same thing at a cheaper price.  If you go an buy a top from a high street retailer from there sale rail which is offering 20 percent off, you get home an realise that its got a really wide whole under the arm.  You instantly forget how cheaply you get the item and remember the poor quality of the top.  You will not go to your friends now and say, wow, i really got a great deal on this top, instead you will shun and slate the retailer and remember the other bad experiences you have had with them.  At this stage, you are now wishing you had saved your money and gone else where.  However if you know your service is great and your products are great and everything you offer is fantastic, dont be afraid to charge a little more.  People will buy from you and expect a level of quality and once they recieve it and the price is not stupidly above the average will surely reccomend you to friends and family.

I hope my tips and tricks have worked for you.


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