10 Tips To Keep Your Little One Safe In The Car

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Children are the precious and also they are very trusting, and while still young they rely on their parents to keep the safe and sound. And while the modern day car is safe, little ones still need protecting and thanks to the modern day car seats, children can travel both in style and safety.

But did you know :

@ That if a child under the age always travelled in the back seat of a car, and if the car was in an accident, by following this simple rule the risk of death is cut by 36%.

@ Children should travel in a car seat or booster seat until the time comes that the seatbelt can be warn safely, and also some countries now give an age when a child can travel without a booster seat.

@ Never use a rear facing car seat in a front seat of the air bag is in active mode.

@ For as long as possible try and keep your baby rear facing for as long as possible in the back of the car.

@ Make sure your car seat meets with your countries currant rules and safety tests.

@ Read the manuals and never take a short cut when fitting the car seat.

@ Make sure the harness fits your little one and is not loose or too tight.

@ Be careful when buying a second hand carseat, you never know what has happened to it. If it has been in an accident it may become weak and dangerous.

@ If you are uncertain of how to fit the carseat take it to a garage and ask them to do it for you.

@ When driving keep your eyes on the road and not on your little one. If needed pull off the road and look after them and then carry on with your journey.

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