10 Tips for Buyers, for successful transactions

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The below tips are gathered from my perspective as both a buyer and a seller, I hope they are useful.
  1. Read the listing from top to bottom. Scroll right down, to see more detail or more photos.
  2. Never leave purchased items unpaid (did you know the seller has already been charged the final value fee at the Buy Now stage?)
  3. Always format your address properly with capital letters where they are supposed to be, and a space in the (UK) post code - believe it or not, Ebay and Paypal send your address to the seller exactly as you entered it, all mistakes included. Would you really write your address all in small letters on an envelope?
  4. Be polite even when there is a problem (this goes down a lot better and will ensure a more favourable response!)
  5. Make sure your Ebay address agrees with your Paypal address, so there's no confusion.
  6. If at all possible, leave the seller positive feedback and high DSR scores. Work out problems by Ebay message, not by negative feedback which should only be used as a last resort. Any negative feedback or low DSR rating is very damaging for a seller, and most sellers will do their best to rectify a problem if you give them the opportunity beforehand.
  7. Remember sellers have lives too. Don't necessarily expect a reply on a weekend, and make your questions specific so they can be answered simply.
  8. Be careful where you are buying from. You can see in the search results items that come from other countries, e.g. From Australia.  
    If you require an item quickly, check "UK only" to the left of the search so you don't accidentally buy from a different country.
  9. If you don't select Paypal as the payment method, and end up having problems paying, contact the seller as soon as possible. They can help fix the problem.
  10. If you wish to return an item, please contact the seller first about the problem. There may be other solutions.

Thank you for reading, I hope this helps your buying experiences.

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