10 Tips on How to beat your Mobile Phone’s Battery Blue

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10 Tips on How to beat your Mobile Phone’s Battery Blues

They may be smarter and more powerful, but today’s feature-packed mobile phones seem to have one major drawback when compared to simple, slightly older models: they run out of juice a bit faster.
There’s a simple reason for this – there are few limitations on how many features can be packed into the latest and greatest phones. The rate these features use power means that many of today’s smartphone struggle to make it through the day on a single charge – leaving us cursing when we go to make a call and find our phone has turned into a lifeless lump of metal.
The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. No matter what type of mobile you have, there are always ways to keep your battery going for longer.
Here are our Top 10 Tips for beating the battery blues

1.Ignore the battery myths
 Most of today’s phones run on Lithium-ion batteries, which (contrary to a counter-productive battery myth) don’t need to be fully emptied before recharging. The opposite is in fact true: a Lithium-ion battery’s life is shortened every time it runs out. Keep it charged and it will thank you for it.
2.Keep your Cool
 Extended exposure to high temperature causes a battery’s life to plummet. If your phone is getting too hot (a hot sunny day is enough to have an impact) then try cooling the battery down by zipping it in a sealed freezer bag and sticking it in the fridge for a while (although never put it in the freezer). Unfortunately, this option only works for phones with a detachable battery.
3.Turn the phone off when its out of range
 One of the biggest drains on a mobile’s battery is searching for a signal. If possible, try to use your phone in areas with good reception – and try turning your phone off if you’re travelling on a train or travelling through a remote area where the reception is poor. If your phone has an airplane mode then switching this on is a quick alternative to shutting your handset down altogether. Conversations that keep cutting out can be a painful experience anyway.
4.Do you need 3G
 Phone batteries last up to 50% longer when you use a standard GSM signal rather than 3G. If you’re not surfing the web or sending and downloading large emails then there’s really no need to have 3G enabled.
5.Disable Wifi GPS Bluetooth
 Each of these features eats into battery power just by being turned on. If you’re not actively using them (which, let’s face it, is quite a lot of the time) then make sure they are switched off.
6.Kill the vibe
 The vibrate alert on your phone uses extra battery power. Try turning it off and relying on sounds instead.
7.Go dim
 The bright light used to illuminate your phone screen and make it easier to use in bright conditions is another big power user. Dim the setting and save some more battery power.
8 .Know what your phone’s upto
 Android handsets and iPhones tend to keep applications running in the background that eats up iphone battery without you even noticing them. Try turning off the Push notifications on iPhone Apps or turning of Auto-Sync on your Android handset.
9 Delete unwanted apps
 Apps that you no longer use still have an impact on battery life. Try deleting a few of the truly forgotten ones.
10.Have a backup plan
 Lock an in-car charger for iPhone in your glove compartment – or buy a spare battery for your mobile phone and carry it with you. If all else fails, you’ll still be able to resuscitate your phone if your battery decides to call it a day.

      by: Cyber World UK Ltd

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