10 easy steps for best results from your eyecurl eyelash curler!

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10 easy steps on how to get the best results from your eyecurl eyelash curler.

There are many types of wand style heated eyelash curlers available.  However, the first or original ‘wand’ style and most efficient product is known as ‘eyecurl’.  I imagine because we are promoting this product, that you would expect us to say this.

However, we have been selling this item since 1999 and during this time, despite all the copycat products we have not yet found one that works as well.  We’ve found a few that are perhaps a little more aesthetic, but nothing to touch the results that eyecurl brings.

This is not to say that this product is better that the one you use, because we know that everybody has different eyelashes and that different products may produce different more suitable results.  All I know is what 12 years of research and 50,000 women have told me, and that is, that eyecurl makes the ‘wow’ difference.  I’ve seen this and enjoyed countless positive reactions from people when I’ve demonstrated the product to them.

So how do you use eyecurl?

1. eyecurl is a wand style heated eyelash curler and there are no moving parts.  Firstly place a battery into the rear of the wands by opening the battery cover.  This is done with a simple twisting action.

2. Insert a AA battery, nipple facing outwards.  Never buy a wand style heated eyelash curler that takes AAA batteries.  AAA battery life is shorter and the products they power cannot deliver the temperature needed to create a curl that will last all day.  When buying a AA battery always buy a good brand.  You will learn what battery works best for you when you've tried a few.  Remove the lid and switch the wand to the ON positions. When the lid is removed you will see an LED light, and when the product is on this will light up.  This LED indicator will flash or go dim when the battery life is fading.  It does not mean you need to change battery immediately, but you do need to think about buying a new battery!

3. On the back of the wand you will see a number of red (rubber) indicators.  As the eyecurl powers up to temperature these will turn white before your eyes and it is when all the indicators are white that the wand is ready to use. This takes about 40 seconds.

4. Apply you mascara, before you turn on the curler (to save your battery), when you've finished applying turn the wand on, when the mascara is dry you can use eyecurl.

5. If you can apply mascara then you can use eyecurl, the application is the same but rather than flick or role, you scoop your lashes and then hold for a few seconds.

6. The secret of using eyecurl is to start from the root, and slowly travel up length of the lash.  You are heating the mascara and not the lash.  It is the mascara that is going to hold your lash in a curl.  Heating it with the want moulds the mascara around the lash and then as it cools and hardens it hold the lash in the position that you have formed.  Simple, effective and easy!

7. With the narrow wand you have flexibility to curl all of your lashes, from the inside of the eye to the outer edges.  All you need to is practice a little and you’ll have the confidence to curl anytime of the day.

8. Remember to turn off the curler when you have finished and ensure that the lid is placed firmly back on.  This will protect the wand when not in use.

9. Finally always ensure that you keep the wand head clear of mascara, you can use the bush provided and occasionally a baby wipe, but always ensure it is dry when you've finished cleaning.  A build up of mascara will slow the heating process and use your battery faster.

10. Finally enjoy your curl, it’s a great product and can be used within your daily make-up routine or simply for a hot date!  The product is portable so it can travel with you and so long as you've looked after it, it will work for years.

Thank you for reading.

Francis O'Hare 
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