10 simple steps for selling your mobile phone

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Hi ebayers, im mart from MARTS MOBILE MADNESS.

About a month ago i suffered a heart attack and now find myself filling my days sitting at my pc going through page after page of listings and seeing the same mistakes over and over again, i dont wish to sound condersending but would you like to sell your mobile for more ? everybody does, i know i am one of you, i tried many different approaches to selling my phone til i came up with a formular i use now, so here it is, marts 10 simple steps to selling your phone.

  1. What are you selling ? be honest and add as much detail as you can. If your phone has seen better days say so, if your phone is in tip top condition, say that instead. There are many free sites that you can copy and paste the specs of the phone your selling, add it, buyers want to be infomed.
  2. Who are you selling to ? if you dont want to run the risk of sending your phone overseas, say so, if your phone has any special detail that would point to a specific market ie Pink phones are very popular at the moment with women, make a note that your selling a pink phone in your title. Now the catch 22 when selling to new members, its a case of the few spoil it for the many, there are scammers here that will try to get the phone from you and not send payment, Ebay is quick to cotton on to them, but they do try anyway and they tend to be new members. I donnot sell to members with less than 5 positvie feedbacks or are less than 30 days old, a simple rule of mine and it keeps me out of bother.
  3. Have you researced your phone ? if its a popular make or has special features tell people about them, and again run searches on ebay and the web to find out a little more.
  4. What category are you selling in ? sounds simple doesnt it, but i was selling usb hubs in the usb section and i was selling maybe 2 or 3 aweek. Not great, so i tried selling them in laptops instead and within 2 weeks i have sold out. Now i know this sounds daft but Sell Your Phone In The Mobile Phone Category.
  5. What time do you want your sale to end ? most people are not lucky enough to be sitting at home all day, so eveing/weekend sales tend to be higher.
  6. How are you going to list on ebay ? if you have done your research and know if how much you should get and when it sells the next thing to ask your self is do i put it on buy it now at a fare price or risk it at auction, auctions can get you a better price, but only if you have listed it corectly.
  7. postage and packerging..... now this is a big one, i have passed over listings purely because the p&p was just unreasonable. you can get a leaflet (or on there website) from the post office that gives detailed costs to post, i strongly suggest using it, of course you can add a small ammount for packerging, a buyer like myself would rather pay a little extra and have my item delivered in bubble wrap and a new packing bag or box, not a second hans bag or box that is falling to bits. Its about the presentation............
  8. Do what you say your going to do...... if you say you will post next day.. do it,  if you say it will be well packaged.... do it..   i think you get the idea, you drive sales not only through what your selling but how your selling it.
  9. Good comunication and feedback...... always respond to questions, however small or large they are, do this all the way through the sale and you should have no problems, also be honest with your feedback, if they are a great ebayer then its great to say so, but dont say it for the sake of writting something down.
  10. Honesty, Honesty, Honesty....... always be honest. if something is wrong, tell them.

Well i hope this helps and i hope you get betters sales.  Mart 

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