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As a new ebayer I have just come across my first example of nearly negative feedback. NN (nearly negative) was avoided because I explained to buyer why they had not recieved item, I sent item quickly and accurately and I offered a discount on any future purchases as well as a genuine apology for delay.So have you ever received neutral or negative feedback, been tempted to react with nasty comments & slander, gutted that your 100% feedback has been destroyed then THINK before you react.

If you think about it buyers look at how you respond to negative feedback and you may lose sales because of your responses, let's say you have just received a NEG your angry pissed off and annoyed, leave it for a while and think about your response, contact the buyer and explain any problems or concerns they may have (lots of people leave negs for silly reasons no replies to emails ebay notices of ebayers no longer registered with ebay etc etc) most of the time if you take the time to communicate with your buyers nicely they will respond in a positive manner and may agree to mutually remove the feedback and hey presto your back to 100%

A bit of patients and consideration goes a long way than just slagging off other ebayers, that gets you nowhere, and remember think before you respond you may regret your decision later

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