11 Golden rules of using and caring for your PENdihl Pen

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(or any other fountain pen for that matter)

1.    Don’t lend anyone your precious fountain pen. Lend them a ballpoint instead.  If you simply must lend it out, keep the cap. That way it’ll come back.
2.    If you usually write with small letters then use a fine nib. For large letters, use a larger nib. 
3.    If you're bothered by a scratchy nib, choose a Medium one. If necessary, use an emery board to improve it.
4.    Always replace the cap with the nib upward. The air pocket will force excess ink back into the pen. 
5.    If you're not going to use your pen for a while, keep it empty and clean the nib before storing it. There are acids in ink which combine with oxygen to start the process of oxidation, which can corrode your nib if ink is left in the pen. That’s science.
6.    If it feels right, write with the cap posted. If you accidentally drop your pen, hopefully the heavier end will hit the floor first, rather than the nib. Unlike toast, we trust.
7.    Keep your pen posted on the table to prevent it rolling off! 
8.    Replace the cap when you put your pen down for any length of time or the ink may dry up.
9.    Taking your fountain pen on a plane, keep it either full or empty.  At altitude, even a little air could expand and force out some ink.  Astronauts, be very wary.
10.    Rinse your nib and section at least once a month with warm water until the water runs clear. Don’t forget to dry it fully.
11.    When you mess up or ignore one of these rules, return to PENdihl for a replacement pen.
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