11 Reasons to Purchase an Electric Car

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11 Reasons to Purchase an Electric Car

Electric cars are quickly increasing in popularity all around the globe. Powered by lithium-ion batteries, electric cars are no longer just for overly environmentally-conscious consumers. Major auto makers are rolling new models off the line every year. With more choices than ever, electric cars are hitting the mainstream consumer market. Consumers who are not necessarily bent on saving the planet are now considering electric vehicles when shopping for new cars. Although electric cars do not fit every lifestyle, more and more drivers find there is room in their garage for an alternative to the classic petrol automobile.

The environmental and financial benefits of these clean, green vehicles are widely known, but there are numerous other reasons to own these earth-friendly automobiles. From lower emissions and less maintenance to purchase incentives and increased environmental awareness, there are numerous reasons to buy an electric car. Curious consumers can read 11 of the best reasons before deciding whether to forgo the standard internal combustion engine in favour of a green alternative when purchasing their next vehicle.

Reason 1: Electric Cars Have Zero Emissions

Petrol cars are one of the world's biggest producers of CO2, a troublesome environmental pollutant. Carbon emissions are thought to contribute to ozone depletion, climate change, and global warming. Petrol vehicles produce a host of other toxic pollutants as well, to include benzene. Electric cars have no exhaust, produce zero emissions, and therefore, have a tiny carbon footprint. The electricity used to charge them produces some CO2 emissions during generation, but this amount is miniscule when compared to the amount of CO2 produced over the lifetime of a petrol engine. Besides, many electrical power plants are switching to renewable, greener methods to produce energy, which means as time goes on, electric cars are going to become cleaner.

Reason 2: Electric Cars Produce Little Noise

Along with a drastic reduction in air pollution, electric cars produce little to no noise pollution compared to their petrol counterparts. Noise pollution is a serious issue in many large urban areas. These car run almost silently. One can only imagine how much quieter downtown London would be if everyone in the city drove an electric vehicle. This means drivers can enjoy quiet bliss on their morning commutes, both inside and outside their vehicles.

Reason 3: Electric Cars Reduce Petroleum Dependence

The world has a finite supply of petroleum, and once this fossil fuel is used up, society must find alternatives for many petroleum-based products. Electric cars help reduce dependence on fossil fuels since they require no gasoline and no oil in the engine. This not only helps relieve energy shortages in the short run, it ensures future generations still have a supply of petroleum for essential products.

Reason 4: Electric Cars Cost Less to Run

Worldwide studies suggest the cost of running an electric car is about one-fifth the cost of driving the same distance in a petrol-powered vehicle. Electric engines are more efficient than petrol engines, which waste up to 85 per cent of their energy during the combustion process. Typically, electric cars cost less to maintain than petrol vehicles. Electric motors have fewer moving parts, which means they undergo less wear and tear. Electric cars do not have drivetrains, so owners do not have to worry about broken transmissions, busted radiators, or blown thermostats, all common drivetrain issues. Also, without an internal combustion engine, there is no need for regular oil changes.

Reason 5: Electric Cars Can Help Economies

Electric cars reduce a country's need for foreign oil. In many countries, reliance on foreign oil supplies creates a trade deficit. Reducing this dependence can help economies correct deficits and improve their economic outlook. It also provides incentive for countries to improve technology and offer more energy efficient products. Emerging countries can then use this technology to improve their own transportation infrastructures. Electric cars can also give local economies a boost, as most communities produce their own electricity.

Reason 6: Electric Cars Help the Environment

Aside from less pollution and reduced fossil fuel consumption, electric cars have other environmental advantages. Less fossil fuel consumption means less risk for oil spills and other production-related disasters. It also eliminates the need to explore for more oil reserves, which helps preserve environmentally sensitive habitats. Environmental benefits are compounded by a reduction in toxic pollutants in air, water, and soil as demand on oil refineries is reduced and emissions levels drop.

Reason 7: Electric Car Owners Are Viewed as Socially Responsible

Driving an electric car shows concern for the environment and a dedication to solving world problems. Electric car owners are demonstrating the power of the consumer to make a difference, one product choice at a time. Although a single person is unable to change the negative impact petroleum dependence has on the world, collectively, consumers can make a noticeable difference by purchasing electric cars.

Reason 8: Electric Cars Perform Better Than Petrol Cars

Myths abound about the lack of power and performance in electric cars. The reality is that electric cars accelerate faster than many small-engine petrol cars. The reason for the better pick-up power is that electric cars generate maximum torque at one revolution per minute, compared to a petrol engine needing to reach 1,400 rpm to generate maximum torque. Many electric cars are designed with their batteries under the floor pan, which gives them a lower centre of gravity and subsequently, better handling in tight corners. While few electric cars can reach the same top speeds as petrol cars, many models can reach up to 120 kilometres per hour.

Reason 9: Electric Cars Go Far

The average electric car can go 140 kilometres on a single charge. Of course, as with petrol cars, economy depends on the number of starts and stops, as well how hard the engine is working. For longer journeys, drivers can use rapid charging stations, which recharge a vehicle in about 15 minutes instead of the usual six hours that conventional charging stations take. Drivers who regularly travel long distances can get the best of both worlds with a plug-in hybrid.

Reason 10: Electric Cars Have Purchase Incentives

Some governments offer consumers tax rebates or subsidies on the purchase of an electric vehicle. These incentives can reach thousands of dollars, which makes buying an electric vehicle more affordable. Although many governments are not yet offering incentives on green vehicles, numerous companies are lobbying to change this.

Reason 11: Electric Cars Are Fun to Drive

Drivers who enjoy a smooth, quiet ride love owning and operating an electric car. The near-silent engine is especially enjoyable on long trips. The instant torque and lack of a gear box make for a steady speed increase. Along with their quiet, zippy acceleration comes a rapid loss of momentum when braking. While these characteristics can take a bit of getting used to, most drivers find electric cars pleasurable and fun to drive.

How to Buy an Electric Car on eBay

Environmentally conscious consumers can find a variety of electric and hybrid electric vehicles on eBay Motors. Shoppers can search for electric cars by the specific make and model of the vehicle they want using the search feature on the main eBay Motors page. Shoppers can then narrow their search by specifying the condition of the vehicle, price range, colour, or left hand or right hand drive. By selecting specific model years, mileage ranges, or car type shoppers can further narrow search results. Options to limit a search to cars located within a certain area or a specified number of miles from a postcode make finding and test driving a vehicle simple and convenient.

eBay has numerous other features to help shoppers find the right electric car. eBay's feedback system lets buyers and sellers rate their transactions and leave comments about their experiences. Buyers can then focus their searches on cars listed by top rated sellers to ensure a smooth transaction. After the purchase, buyers can head back to eBay Motors to search the extensive inventory of parts and accessories for their new electric car.


Consumers who are undecided about purchasing an electric car should consider more than cost and emissions when weighing the pros and cons of ditching the petrol-powered engine. There are a host of other practical reasons to make the switch, but electric cars are not a fit for every driver. Drivers need to consider not only the obvious differences, but the intangible ones that impact lifestyle. Some considerations, such as economy, are hard to compare. Although electric cars usually cost less to operate than similarly sized petrol models, they generally have higher purchase prices.

The convenience of getting to charging stations is another consideration, as this can impact how far and how often someone drives. Drivers who may not be ready for a fully electric vehicle can choose a either a plug in hybrid electric or an extended range electric vehicle instead. As more manufacturers move toward greener vehicles, electric vehicles are becoming more mainstream and easy to find. No matter what the exact reasoning behind purchasing an electric vehicle, drivers know that they are doing their part to help the environment and reduce the world's dependence on oil.

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