128GB SD Card FAKE - to get REFUND

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You bought 128GB SD card that was Fake.

You have been lied by misleading advert of 128GB card but actually only 8GB or 4GB.
You could not get Refund because the seller put a description that the capacity may varies from 4GB or 8GB somewhere deep in the details. But on the title it says 128GB. When you copy your data on it, if the size is above 8GB or 16GB there will be error or data corrupted or something that indicate the card cannot store 128GB.
eBay allows this counterfeit practice because of weakness hole on eBay TOC.
Well, you cannot use the SD card anyway, and you are frustrated to have the Fake 128GB card around you and the fact that eBay allows counterfeit practice like this, and the seller does not have good intention.
So how to get Refund?
The answer is: Damage the internal chip.
Then open a dispute using PayPal or eBay. With dispute usually you don't have to send the card back, but in case then ask the seller to agree for additional postage recorded delivery cost to be included on the refund, stated on ebay email.
Remember that the seller does not have good intention by a trap saying 128GB on the title but deep in the description saying capacity may varies from 4GB or 8GB, it is a trap. A very bad practice counterfeit trap.
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