13 Things to Know about 13-Year-Old Daughters

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Written by:  living-locurto
13 Thing to Know about 13 Year Old Daughters. Parenting advice for the teenage years! By Mandi from Living Locurto .com
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13 Thing to Know about 13 Year Old Daughters. Parenting advice for the teenage years! By Mandi from Living Locurto .com

Let me start by saying I honestly do love watching my children grow older. I do NOT miss  potty training, bottles or the panic of not being able to find the dummy at bed time. I do, however, miss being able to make my daughter giggle by making a funny face or playing a quick game of the hilarious peek-a-boo! I miss chubby cheeks, baby toes and snuggles on the sofa.   

Now that the baby days are gone, I have learned a thing or two about the TEEN years. For those of you who have baby girls, I have put together thirteen things you must be prepared for and know about the mysterious thirteen-year-old!  Eventually, parents of daughters are all on this wild roller coaster together. So, are we all in? Let's ride!! 

1. Be Prepared for Drama

Emotions are ALL over the place and can change in the blink of an eye, so make sure you get   coffee going first thing in the morning. You must be prepared at a moments notice to give a high five or grab a  Kleenex

2. Middle School is Just as Bad as You Remember 

Everyone is mean and everyone has better stuff than your daughter.  (In her mind of course!)  Not to mention, ALL the other parents let their kids do fun stuff. They are not stuck at home for "  family game night". Be prepared to be called lame. Not to worry, most of us are and that's okay! Someday they will look back and enjoy those times. 

3. Communication Tips 

The phrase "Good Morning", or "How was your day?" may often be interpreted by your precious girl as, "what were you thinking?", or "you must have done something wrong". I usually just get a "WHAT?!?!", then I smile and back away slowly. Communicating in your daughter's teenage language and finding the right times to talk is good to know. 

4. There Will be Rewards 

Thirteen-year-old girls change their clothes many times a day, because nothing fits or looks right! GOOD NEWS, they can do their own  laundry! With so many wardrobe changes, make sure your daughter learns to do her own laundry. This way you are free to catch up on your own. I know you wanted a real reward, but let's face it... laundry is the gift that keeps on giving! 

5. Friends Come and Go 

Your teen's BBF (best friend forever) can turn into their worst enemy in about 3.5 seconds. Not to worry, they usually come back just as fast! 

6.  The Embarrassing Factor 

This shouldn't surprise you, but FYI... you will never be cool. Nope, you are never going to be cool in their eyes! So stop trying to impress them with your " Ice Ice Baby" routine.  

7. Nothing to Wear  

No matter how stuffed their wardrobes are with clothes, they never have ANYTHING to wear! They will come to check your wardrobe on the slim chance that you have a shirt they like. Just a warning, they do not  hang up anything they try on, and even if they do wear something, they would never admit to it. I interpret this as, maybe I am just a little cool!? 

8. Did you smell that? 

Most thirteen-year-old girls do not understand that less is more with  perfume and body spray. You may need to start carrying  aspirin to relieve your headache from the smell. I guess the alternative could be worse, they could stink like boys their age who don't like to shower and act like they don't know what you are talking about when you mention  deodorant! 

9. Watch out for the Alien Invasion 

If you think an alien has come and taken over your once sweet angelic child and replaced her with a GRUMP! You are right. Not everyday will be like this, but just watch out! 

10. Know Some Tricks 

When shopping... HATE anything you want them to choose! I tell you it works! Such tricky parents aren't we? 

11. Dealing with Romance 

If they are in LOVE... don't panic, just be patient. They will be in HATE before you know it! 

12. The New Security Blanket 

M obile phones are the new blanket or dummy. If they loose it, break it, or get it taken away,  the tantrum can be just as bad as when they were two-years-old. Be prepared with  calming techniques for when this happens. 

13. Understand... or Don't 

My favourite saying of ALL time is "YOU KNOW NOTHING!" That's right y'all. Those years you spent as teenagers were nothing like theirs. You do NOT understand any of their feelings or problems. Even if you just so happened to be a 13-year-old girl once upon a time, with crazy hormones,  frizzy hair, crooked teeth, broken hearts, and MEAN parents. You just don't get it. "Parents, they just don't understand!" (Try singing that song to them... it goes over well! Promise! HA HA HA!) 

The good news to all of this is, it will be okay! 
This phase will pass and all will be right once more. You WILL be cool again one day and your daughter will become a wonderful young woman. 

We will all survive this wild ride just like our parents did. We may have grey hair, but that's alright, the  hair dye out there is fantastic these days! So hold on tight and on those tough days close your eyes, sniff some  baby lotion, and remember those chubby cheeks and baby toes. I promise you will smile!  

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