♥15 Make Up Looks for Regular Occuring Occasions♥

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What make up do i wear for my dinner date? What colour eye shadow should i wear to my cousins wedding?Okay im going out to a club false eyelashes or not?

We often find ourselves asking questions like these. In my guide i am going to tell you about the best make up looks for each occasion that often occurs in our everday lives.

Hope you find it useful :)

Make Up Look


 1# When you are on a date with the guy you like♥

I've had many friends who more than over do their make up on their dates this is a bad thing. As the key to perfect make up for the "date look" is to be able to look NATURALLY PRETTY. Science proves that men are attracted to 3 main make up looks.

  1. Red Lips
  2. Smokey Eyes
  3. Peachy/Pink Cheeks

So i would say use a natural foundation base and apply only 2/3 of the looks above.

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2# When you are going to a wedding♥

A wedding for better words is a very flowery light and peaceful event. You need to cooperate this into your make up. I suggest peach colours for lighter skin tones and coral colours for darker skin tones.

& The great thing about peach and coral is that you can apply the colour on your eyelids,lips and cheeks.

So use a light foundation. Pick the colour that suits your skin tone whether it being coral or peach. Then apply to areas recommended.

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3# When you are going to a family event♥

Lets be honest your never really impressing anyone at these type of events. So this time round give your skin a breather and don't wear any foundation. Opt for a skin primer or tinted moisturiser. Apply some mascara and then apply glossy lip gloss.

Lip Colours Best For Your Skin Tone

Light Skin Tones- Pastals,Light Pinks,Nudes and Pale Reds

Medium Skin Tones- Neons,Strawberrys,Corals,Oranges and Fushias

Dark Skin Tones -Metallics,Purples,Deep Reds and Rich Chocolates

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4# When you are going on a date with your partner

You make an effort: Catching his eye           You make an effort: On the first date..................

But by the minute most of you girls have bagged your dream guy..you give up! Why do i need to where make up hes seen me without it before! Can't be bothered doing my hair we are not doing anything special today! Many of my girlfriends do this... I ask them why? They say well were together now i don't need to try anymore.

*Thumbs Down*

Whether you've been dating a month or years or have been married for several, you still should want to impress the guy you love and care about!

So heres the perfect date look to impress your special guy:


Use an Eyeshadow that compliments your Eye colour.

  • Blue Eyes=Pink Eyeshadow
  • Green Eyes= Purple Eyeshadow
  • Brown Eyes=Dark Blue Eyeshadow
  • Hazel & Grey Eyes=Golden Eyeshadow

once you have applied your eyeshadow,rim your eyes with a black eyeliner at the bottom.



Cover the apple of your cheeks with a bronzer or highlighter. A make up highlighter not a real one ahaha.



As the centre of attention are your gorgeous eyes keep lips... nude or clear.

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5# For a Sunday Chill Out

This ones a trick! I suggest that you wear NO make up on these days. Let your beautiful skin rest :)


6# For Schools/Colleges where NO make up is allowed

Growing up in London,my high school never allowed make up and many schools/colleges don't.

But i got away with it...using this make up rule ;)

3 Steps to Barely There Make Up

  1. Apply a touch of mascara on the upper lashes
  2. Evenly spread skin tone matching foundation
  3. Add a dash of lip balm

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Feel sweet and selective wearing a lemon scent or feel fruity and bubbly wearing a strawberry flavour.There are soo many lip butters to choose from.


7# For Schools/Colleges Where Make Up is allowed

Keep eyes simple by coating the end of your lids with a lovely liquid eyeliner,dust on some blusher for rosey cheeks and stick to pink lipstick. Choose lighter pinks for lighter skin tones and darker pinks for darker skin tones.

& Don't forget good foundation gives you the appearence and confidence of flawless skin :)

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8# For Work

I suggest if your jobs more practical and involves you dealing with the well being of other people such as doctor,chef,nurse and along those lines. Keep make up practical so stick with Eyeliner,Foundation and Lip Gloss. As thats all you need to look fab :)

If your job involves less running around and you perharps work in retail,school or an office.

Opt for a pair of natural looking false eyelashes. If you don't know how to put them on ask a friend for help.

And as ive recommended before a flawless foundation.

& Try a Red Lip &  if your feeling adventurous team with a Lip Liner.

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9# When your on a day out with your girlfriends

Whether you're out shopping or renting movies. I'd advice you keep to really girly colours such as Reds,Purples and Pinks. & Incorporate these into eye,cheek and lip colours. Whatever takes your fancy on that day....it could be deep purple lined eyes and baby pink lip gloss,red stained cheeks and pink eye shadow or even lilac cheeks and red lips.

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10# When your on a night out with your girlfriends

This is the only night where you can be creative with your hair,outfit and most importantly make up.

Never tried feather lashes? Try them.  Never tried black lipstick? Try it

Let your immagination run wild with tones,shades and colours.

If it turns out bad - you will most likely be in dark surroundings and everyone will be too busy enjoying themself to notice

If it turns out good - you will get a tun of compliments

See the thing is with make up you need to trial and error. There is no real right way or wrong way to wear it, you need to learn overtime what suits you.

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11# When your hanging out with guy mates

Many girls make the misconception that when they are around males they have to look like them. This is totally wrong all it does is give them hard to remove tags such as "one of the guys" and "tomboy".

This is the type of make up to ensure your never put into those groups:

If you have good skin...go foundation-less.

If you suffer from dark under circles,redness or blemishes...use a concealer.

Team this with Brown Eyeliner(Lighter Skin Tones) or Opt for Black (Darker Skin Tones)

& a lip colour of your choice :)

Hurray! You can hang with boys but not be called one. Thumbs Up

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12# When your at the Gym/Participating in Sport Events/Sport Practice

I am a sporty person and i often go to the gym. I never understood the women at the gym who caked their faces in make up and then ended up drenched and streaky in pools of colour that used to be their make up. Not Pretty.

The Main Rule of Gym Make Up. KEEP IT TO A MINIMUM!

Use a powder foundation as its less likely to run in comparrison to a liquid foundation. & You could also invest in waterproof mascara.

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13# When your going shopping

Use alot of masara to open up those peepers(you will be able to see those sales from a mile away) and opt for a shiny show stopping lip gloss that draws attention to your lips :)

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14# When your going to a concert

When you go to a concert the best shades to wear are Glitters and Neons. But never combind them because no one wants to look like an over the top drag queen.

So go for neon nails or eye shadows


glitter lipsticks & eye liners.   

Glitter and Neons are the way to go to rock out a show. :D

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15# When your going to a beach or festival

I saved the best to last as the beach and festivals are my favourite places to go. They are both always found in hot surroundings. So you need to keep foundation to the bare minimum oily bases will cause the foundation to run everywhere.

And the number one must have for these events is BRONZER

When Bronzer is applied correctly, the sun will hit your face and your best features will be highlighted.

So apply it on your forehead,temples,bridge of your nose and chin. Top off with either Gold or Bronze Eye Shadow...seperately or you could blend the two colours. Finish off with a Brown Glossy Lip Stain :)

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And there we go 15 Make Up Looks for Occasions that we endure oh too often.I hope you have learned something whether its what colours suit your skin tone best or when to over do and under do your make up. Or even if this guide has given you the confidence to try a new look.

Although make up is a handy tool remember to exfoliate and moisturise your face often and also treat your pores to a mask every 1-2 weeks to keep your skin healthy.

Thank You Sooo Much For Reading.

LiveLaughLoveGirl13 xx :)

P.S. All the make up items found here can be purchased at boots or superdrug or you could even go to the make up site itself and order. Be sure to check out my page LiveLaughGirl13 for anything else that make take your fancy. Have Fun!!




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