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I really cannot warn members enough about the number of fake 1916 Easter Rising  and War of Independence medals now being sold on ebay. I saw a copy of a 1916 medal sell here on ebay for over 1,000 pounds sterling. Original quality medals are now very few in number and most that come up for sale in Dublin auction houses come with paperwork from the families of those that were awarded the medal. It's really up to yourself if you wish to pay over 1,000 pounds for a medal made in Austrailia last year and sell for 15.00 pounds sterling ! Copies can also show wear, so don't think just because it looks as if it has been lovingly worn it's original. I saw one that had been buffed with a mop head on a drill to wear it down a little ! Now copies of Irish Volunteer badges are also appearing here, sold as originals, as are belt buckles. Good quality original Irish Volunteer material simply does not turn up that often. Most are in collections and will rarely appear here. Far too much is on the market, not a week goes by without something appearing for sale here. Ask the seller for details as to the orgin of the medal/badge or buckle. Named examples also appear here, these are really rare here in Ireland, but sadly they are not rare here ! Sorry but if have bought or you are bidding on an item which appears somewhat suspect I will not act as judge between yourself and the seller.                            YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
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