**1st or 2nd class post? Guide to Buyers + Sellers !**

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Ok, you've brought an ebay item and your really excited about when your going to get it. But the seller tells you (Or you already know) that he's going to send it SECOND class. Don't worry, second class doesn't take long. Heres a guide for both postal services:

First Class

According to the royal mail, they try their 'best' to send it next day. If someone does send their post (Before 5pm [When the postie comes to pick it up in the evening]) Then the parcel/letter usually arrives the next day. If not, then it will arrive at the recipents house on the second day (If delay occours)

Second Class

Now heres the 'unusual' one. The royal mail (RM) try to send the letter on the THIRD working day. This means the letter on the whole takes 2 working days then the next day the item will be received. E.g. If the seller posts the item on Monday (before 5pm ish) then the buyer should receive the item on Wednesday. Monday will be the first working day, Tuesday will be the second working day and Wednesday will be the final third working day, which the RM says it tries to deliver all 2nd class post on the 3rd working day. Of course it can be delivered on the fourth working day (If a delay occours).

Note about postage

The RM regard Saturdays as a working day. Sunday and bank holidays and not regarded as one, so if you are hoping to receive and item over these days, please delay your expectant day by one day.
Also, a not about timing of posting. Usually it is best to post before 5pm (On average) as a lot of post offices give their items over to the post man who takes it off. If you deliver and item after that time, the your post will be sent not on that day, but the next day.

P.S. I am guiding you on what the Royal Mail say, and what i have experieinced. Don't worry if your item is a day or two late, as this is usual with the RM (It's on the news).


Royal mail website packages details:

Google royal mail, go onto their website, then click on the Delivery Services tab.

I hope this guide has helped you, whether you are a seller or a buyer.

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