1st tip to do with buying ANYTHING.

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What I find really annoying is when people post up official company pictures of a product and not their own, this means one of two things:

1). They are embarrassed of their product, and think it wouldn't sell well if they posted their own photos (as the product is visibly faulty).

2). They think that by posting up a picture of the product from the company website (e.g. apple computers seem to be big on this one) they would get better sales because it makes people think that this is what it actually looks like, which unless it is new, it obviously won't, this is totally wrong and it is called misconception.

It means that for a customer, unless the product is actually completely brand new, you WILL be disappointed when it arrives as it doesn't look identical to the listing you initially trusted.

So my tip is to not trust listings that unless the product is brand new, have pictures that are obviously company-made and not their own.

That's why all of my listings MUST have genuine photos of my stuff as a mental rule.

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