2.5 Laptop Hard Drives Compatibility Help and Advice

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One of the most frequently asked questions we at Hard-Drives-Direct are asked is whether a particular laptop hard disk drive that we sell fits or is compatible with a particularly laptop.

We have composed a list of tips in order to help you choose the right hard drive below:

1) Check whether the hard drive your current laptop uses has an IDE (this type of hard drive is also known by different names which are PATA, ATA, DMA, UDMA, -
P-ATA and E-IDE) or SATA (This is also known as a SERIAL-ATA, or S-ATA) connector. This can be done in a variety of ways, firstly you can check the model number of your hard drive on the manufaturers website which will tell you what type of HDD it is. The model number or part number (p/n) of your current hard drive consists of a mixture of numbers and letters and is usually less than 10 characters long. An alternative is to type the model number of your hard drive into a search engine and then this will sometimes tell you what type of connector it uses. Please note that each manufacturer of hard drives use a unique combination of letters and numbers which forms the model number.
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The main manufacturers have model numbers beginning with the following two letters:

HT/IC/DK (Hitachi and IBM)

WD (Western Digital)

ST (Seagate)

MH ( Fujitsu)

MK (Toshiba)

MP (Samsung)

Secondly, you could type in the model number of your laptop into a search engine or you can check the specification on the manufacturers website which will often enable you to determine what type of 2.5" laptop hard drive you need. Almost all of the hard drives we sell are 9.5MM thick which is the standard thickness of almost all hard drives used by laptops except for some netbooks and ultra mobile pcs.

If you are intending on upgrading your laptop hard drive to a larger one then the general rule is that any brand and any model will be compatible with your laptop so long as you purchase the right type of 2.5" hard drive. The only real exception to this rule is if you are intending to upgrade an ide hard drive from a very small capacity  to a very large one as the bios on your laptop may not detect the new hard drive (e.g 20gb to 120gb, 160gb or 250gb) since the hard drive was most likely to have been manufactured after the laptop was thus causing compatibility issues. The rule doesn't appear to affect laptops that use a SATA hard drive though so you may upgrade to whatever size you choose.

If you wish to transfer all your data including your operating system, files, drivers and settings from the current hard drive you're using with your laptop to your new one then there are various programs that enable you to do this very effectively. You may however require additional hardware in order to do this but this is by far the simplest and most efficient method of doing this rather than having to reinstall all your drivers, applications, programs and files
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