2-Headed Coin Scam

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New Washington Dollar Scam

One of the hottest items on Ebay is the new Washington dollar with the plain edge.
Yes, the Mint did make some errors where they did not put the edge lettering on
some of the P Mint Washington dollars and yes those coins are collectors items
and I think will go up in value.
I have seen and I know a lot  of the Washington dollars exist where someone has
removed the edge lettering from the coin.
As an expert with over 54 years of experience, I have seen a lot of error coins. .
These Washington dollars with the edge removed are very hard to tell and I can
see where a lot of people on Ebay may be scammed by these coins.
There is only one way to tell for sure whether someone has worked on the edge.
Each Washington dollar has an exact weight to it and that weight is set by law.  The only way to
make sure you are getting a genuine coin and not one with the edge ground off and
repolished,  is to weigh the coin.
If you are not able to weigh the coin and you are not sure, my advice is not to buy a
raw coin with a plain edge.
If you want to make sure you are getting a plain edge Washington dollar, buy a certified
coin from one of your favorite grading companies. The four that I like the best are PCGS,
All four of these grading companies have tested, have weighed and verified before they
certified the coins that these are genuine Washington quarters.
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