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Ebay item number 160425970006

I won this car on ebay, going around two days later to pay for the transaction. The car was sitting on the drive all ready for collection, though a quick hoover wouldnt have gone amiss. The only problems indicated on the sellers guide was a defective drivers window which I intended to get sorted myself.

Problems start the next day on my way to work, arriving with an oil warning on the dash board, after attempting to contact a local garage to arrange a top up of the level. In case of a mechanical problem I also contacted the seller, the response being well there wasnt any leaks on the drive. The following night shift at work was done and when attempting to start the car various alarms were being indicated such as hand brake fault, fuel injector, and a couple of others. Needless to say I was a bit worried. After about 20 mins I managed to get the car started with the fuel injector warning still visibile. I drove home with trepidation as to what would happen but arrived safely. I restarted the engine when at home and all once again appeared normal. Once again I advised the seller as to the problem without reply. I took it to a local garage to try and fault find using the special machine but this proved unsuccessful.


Four days later, after a long day at work I once again attempted to start the car and to my horror once again I received various errors. This time it failed to start and the RAC were called. The mechanic attempted to sort it but even he was perplexed. I was uplifted and the car deposited close to my house. I once again fired off emails to the seller and these appeared to getting ignored. My offer being a share of 50 pct each which I believed reasonable even though I felt that it didnt meet sellers requirements (Working for a reasonable time).

Investigation of the car later showed that the Cd changer and the airconditioning were not working, the mileage was 2k up on what was indicated.

The next day I had the car uplifted and taken to an electrical garage to try and source the error, it took a lot of time and searching by this engineer (Pinpoint, Kirkcaldy) and the problem has now appeared to be resolved. The cost of additional mileage towage (More than 10 miles by RAC), the additional tow and finally the resolving by the electrical engineer has cost me, in my view unnecessary expense as the fault was already there prior to purchase.

Having some internet knowledge I began to investigate the seller and any other ties that might be evident, subsequently it became knowledge that he also operated a 2nd hand Car spares and hot rod business (Name and URL available) When I sent an email via this Hotrod business he answered immediately. I had indicated that contacted Trading standards and having discussed that he was selling car equipment that can be associated with his type of business it was proof that he was an ebay business and not an individual.  He indicated that my emails were bullying, no there were not and have all relevant copies, also that I had the option to view the car and that was the end of it. Well sorry im not a mechanic, either electrial or mechanical, and would not have know what to look for in regards to this type of problem.

Having once again advised him of the Trading standards action and that also it can be proved that his ebay account assigned to his business style he offered to make a payment towards the final bill. I responded by thanking him and looking forward to receiving his 50 pct of the total bill which I believed he would be paying, asking it to be paid directly to my Paypal account. That was over a week ago and as yet have still not received any payment in kindif payment is not received by the end of the month then I will take further action.

I have now decided, after taking advice from both Trading standards and my Union Solictors, that my best course of action is to taken him to the small claims courts for defective equipment (Being a business) he must ensure that the item sold is fit for purpose as should be, and claim the full amount including any further court expenses that might be added.

Any future purchases from this seller need closer investigation, if there are in any form mechanical/car parts etc please either go direct to his company (So that Trading standards can act upon) or avoid him on ebay altogether.


Website details are available upon request to me directly.

Update: I  have just had a slight accident in this machine, it turns out the car was a cat 'C' write off, and now my insurance company say its beyond ecconomic repair. By law you are supposed to be advised on buying write offs. Watch out for this AD.





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