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Winter is coming… and it’s bringing larger swells and bigger waves but it also means that it’s time to hang up your summer suit and dust off your old worn out winter suit… or does it?

The UK’s sea Temperature at its' warmest is around 17*C – 18*C dropping to its coldest in March to a frosty 9*C so although summer suits have all experienced a boost in warmth technology, it is only so far that your trusty 3/2mm and a thermal rash vest will carry you, into the colder months.

With the colder months fast approaching, we are now stocking a huge selection of Winter wetsuits from C-Skins, Billabong, O'Neill, RipCurl, Vissla, Gul, Quiksilver and Roxy.

We have chosen a few suits from the winter 2017 range for you to check out.
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Men's O'Neill Psycho Tech

2017 sees the second instalment of O’Neill’s Psycho Tech suit – The suit features Techno Butter 2, O’Neill’s lightest, warmest and most insulating Neoprene to date, along with Techno Butter2’s Firewall Insulation which is a complex 3D structure of neoprene and trapped air. Think double pane windows, more air = more warmth. The TechnoButter Firewall inner lining is 20%Lighter and has 30% less water absorption resulting in the warmest, lightest and fastest drying material available.

Frankly, If you’re planning on spending a lot of time in the water this winter – this is the wetsuit for you.
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Men's C-Skins Surflite

C-Skins thrive during the winter months, being a cold water developed Wetsuit Company they are constantly looking for solutions to keeping riders in the water for longer and for that reason the  advanced features of the C-skins Surflite thrust this entry level suit into the ring with other high end wetsuits, at a fraction of the price and it packs a serious punch.

Whether you’re looking for your first winter suit or you’d like an entry level suit which is bursting with high end benefits, at a percentage of the cost, then this is the suit for you.
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Ladies Rip Curl Flash Bomb

Winter 2017 inevitably means a brand new Flashbomb – Rip Curls’ Flagship suit is jam packed with their latest technology, proving why it is one of the best-selling high end suits on the market year after year and not just a Flash in the pan.

Rip Curl have once again stepped it up a gear with their all new E5 Neoprene which offers the suit 25% more stretch making paddling and moving within the water effortless.  The E5 technology also gives the suit a much faster drying time – this takes away the dread and terror of having to force your way into a sodden suit each time you head out to the water.

If your winter is all about being in the water, then “News Flash!” this one is for you.
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Ladies O'Neill Superfreak

Don’t Freak out… O’Neill have decided that 2017 is time to add a splash of colour to their winter Superfreak but don’t let that fool you into thinking that they have neglected the suit’s performance or put aside any plans they had for advancements in the technology.

With super stretchy Ultraflex DS neoprene the Superfreak is the leader in stretch and flexibility and O’Neill have once again taken it to new levels with a minimal seam design. This takes away the resistance created by seams which you will find in other suits, offering effortless paddling and movement in the water.  By reducing the amount of seams O’Neill have also reduced the amount of water that can make its way into the suit making this one of the warmest suits for winter 2017.

The comfort, warmth and flexibility that the SuperFreak offers, makes it a great suit to wear this winter.

Don't forget if you have any questions or queries please don't hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of our team of experts.

Stay Warm.

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