21st Century Musings upon a sociological subject part 1

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A subject near to my heart, not the left ventrical though which to fans of random bodyparts (and let's face it we've all been there) must come as something of a disappointment. Today's unseasonal christmas lecture concerns people. Although technically this is meant to be a guide so I'll try to throw some guidey type theme into it. We all know, or are friends with, are perhaps even related to .. people. As such we have an interest in them, their views, their lives, how they look what they do, what they wear. Now with christmas nowhere near us we could all tempt coal presents and not care about how people will choose to look for example. But should we choose to make headway as one of rudolphs special friends we could do worse than to consider that some people design clothing so that other people can look better Wait it get's better, on ebay we can buy these clothes and accessories for much cheaper than they would cost us in shops allowing us to buy MORE.
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