24 Season 5- What To Expect

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DVD's usually come in the usual packaging, which are plastic cases. 24, including season 5 all come in boxsets, some which fold out, others that have flaps. I have been looking around a lot for one of the boxsets and ive seen quite a few different sets, as well as price variation, as you would expect.

So what can you expect to see when buying this product?

Let's use my 3 P's approach to this. (This is also my first guide, so expect nothing special)

PRODUCT- Make sure you have the right product. Things such as CSI or T-shirts pop-up when searching for 24, so make sure it's the right one. Make sure your DVD can play the dvd's. Remember there are region 1 dvds, which are american, so make sure your player is multiregional before using. There are also a variety of the same thing- others with a different covering etc, so check them out before commiting to anything.

PRICE- Cheaper products don't always mean they're going to be rubbish. Some may be slightly damaged so are slightly cheaper, others are just cheaper because the seller wants the item to be sold. Make sure you dont buy a really cheap product. They may be copies provided in plastic sleeves by the seller, or in unofficial cases with 'artwork', or pictures stuck on the front, so check the description and even contact the seller if you have any questions.

PROCEDURE- Check out the sellers feedback, usually it's all good, or we all hope so. If you can try it, email the seller before buying and ask some questions, or try to get a discount on anything, like postage, which can be overcharged. Remember, after you buy, you should pay (I made the mistake on the first thing i bought). If you only use paypal, filter your search before clicking anything. Remember to leave feedback after you recieve the item, and check it's working properly.

SUMMARY- The R.R.P is £49.99. In my opinion (this bit is your judgement!), a good price is around £30 (at the moment) maybe a little bit less if you search around for the right deal. Enjoy looking around and i hope you find this guide helpful!

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