3 Easy eBay Tips for new sellers!

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Here are a few tips for new seller:

1. Pictures
Some say its one of the most important things to include in your listing, On the other hand if you mess it up your bids could suffer. Its vital to ensure that all your images are of a good quality for example using a digital camera instead of a Mobile Phone can help. Things like ironing clothes  and adding some sort of back drop (e.g. a plain colour sheet) can help a lot when it comes to tempting buyers in.

2. Listing Time
Too much or too little? I find that 3 days usually work fine unless you need a quick sale, 5 Days may seem an advantage but lets take it, No one looks at page 50 do they?

3. Listing Title
The title of your listing is going to be one of the things that tempts customers to actually view your listing. Don't use words like "Car" when your selling something completely different like a Music CD. Don't use all capitals, It doesn't look good at all.

Hope this helps.
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