3 Ways to Look Fabulous in High Heels

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3 Ways to Look Fabulous in High Heels

High heels are quite simply the most fashionable footwear ever made, but they are difficult to pull off at first. If you are new to the high-heel trend, ensure that you look fabulous in heels by following a few simple steps. Taking the time to learn what to do in heels ensures that you stay safe and look great in heels.


Choose an Appropriate Height for High Heels

If you have never walked in high heels before, then choose a lower heel that is safer and easier to walk in. However, no matter how good you can walk in heels, you still have to pay attention to the height of the heels, as not all styles flatter all people. For example, petite women can get away with wearing very tall heels, while tall women look less flattering in very high heels. The most acceptable shoe height for work and everyday wear is around 10 centimetres or less, which is perfect for most people. Very high heels, such as platform heels, go to upwards of 15 centimetres, while short kitten heels start at just a few centimetres in height. Platform heels are more comfortable and easier to walk in, but often too tall for everyday wear, or for wearing to work.


Learn to Walk Safely in High Heels

The best way to look fabulous in high heels of any kind is to learn how to walk in them safely. Keeping your knees straight, not wobbling your ankles, and striding rather than hobbling or limping are essential for walking safely in heels. Most heeled shoes require a few hours of walking until they feel comfortable. Practice and adjust to each pair, unless you always walk in heels. Consider wearing new heels around the house until you can comfortably, and elegantly, walk in them.


Choose the Right Style of High Heels

Different heels suit different people. For example, very tall, thin stiletto heels are flattering to most people, but other styles are not so versatile. For example, block heels accentuate the ankle, whether it is too thin or too chunky. Wedge heels create the illusion of slimmer ankles and calves, but T-strap and ankle strap heels or sandals accentuate the width of the ankles. However, many types of heels are versatile, and if you can try the style on and like how it looks on you, then it is probably good enough. Ask the opinion of a fashion stylist or of a knowledgeable friend if you are unsure which style to choose.

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