3 mobile broadband Huawei E169G Modem

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Like if this guide is helpful
I recently purchased one of these on contract direct from 3 & would like to share my experience here on ebay.

Th price plan was £7.50 per month @ 5GB per month. (Previous customer discount - taken at mid sept 08)

The Modem:
It arrived in a nice DVD style case Along with a manual and sim card which goes into the USB modem. The modem is very smooth and nice looking. I went for white.

Ok so when you install the software is built into the stick so its just a matter of following on screen instructions, couldnt be easier!

Broadband service:
When you load the 3 dial up program to get online all you need to do is press connect, this will then authenticate your request & within 10 secs your connected! What could be more simple??? Pls read on... Not all that straight forward!!!

I am using a Dell D600 laptop & its running Win XP SP2. For some reason after 5-10 mins of happy browsing i kept getting cut off & a windows error message "

i found a site where the disconnection problem is addressed & amazingly it worked. Basically it involves making a registry edit change for 2 values to do with the computers network settings.
Amazingly it worked and since then it has not cut out once. Neither 3 or Microsoft have fixes for this error & so many people may be affected and need to know of the simple fix. I will post a link to the fix once i find it again as it was hard to find!!!

Now its fixed i am running reliably & quite happy with the service I can get top speed where i am which is HSPDA "3G" pages load pretty quick & downloads are not bad either but its more just for browsing for me.
I am unaware of problems encountered by Mac users but for me apart form the massive 8 hour job of troubleshooting and making changes to my PC it has been working reliably since and signal cut outs and the like have not been an issue. I am using it in Penryn, Cornwall.
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