3G and on Three Mobile Phones

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We are regularly asked by our customers about 3 mobiles and 3G phones and there is a lot of confusion surrounding which mobile phones can be used on which networks. The Three, 3 network was first launched in the UK in 2003. 3G stands for 3rd Generation and the mobile technology was designed for faster data transfer and to provide more support to mobile phones such as video and internet. Whilst three mobile and the 3 network are the mobile company who provide the 3G network they have also come to an agreement with many of the other UK mobile phone networks such as O2, Orange and T-Mobile to let them use the 3G technology so now as well as providing 2G sim cards these networks provide 3G compatible sim cards also.

A lot of the older used mobile phones do not support 3G or 3 network sims so even if you are using an unlocked mobile phone these sim cards whether pay as you go (payg) or contract may not work with these mobiles. We like to make things a lot simpler so we have provided a section specifically for three mobile and 3g phones, these will be unlocked mobile phones which support 3G and will work on any network including 3 mobile. Please take a look at our 3/3g mobile section to buy a cheap 3g mobile phone now.

LG KC910
LG KF750
LG KU970
LG KU990
LG U830
LG U880
Motorola c975
Motorola e1000
Motorola e770
Motorola k3
Motorola v3x
Motorola v3xx
Motorola v6
Motorola v9
Motorola v975
Motorola v980
Motorola z8
Nokia 6151
Nokia 6288
Nokia 6500
Nokia 6630
Nokia 7500
Nokia 7600
Nokia 6600s
Nokia 6650f
Nokia e51
Nokia e60
Nokia e61
Nokia e70
Nokia n90-1
Nokia n91
Nokia Prada
Samsung 1200
Samsung 7500
Samsung 7600
Samsung f400
Samsung f480
Samsung f490
Samsung f500
Samsung f700
Samsung l770
Samsung u700
Samsung z100
Samsung z107
Samsung z140
Samsung z400
Samsung z500
Samsung z600
Samsung z650
Samsung zv40
Samsung zv60
Sony Ericsson c702
Sony Ericsson c902
Sony Ericsson k530
Sony Ericsson k600
Sony Ericsson k608
Sony Ericsson k610
Sony Ericsson k630
Sony Ericsson v640
Sony Ericsson v800
Sony Ericsson w660
Sony Ericsson w910
Sony Ericsson z750

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