3rd Party Non Official PS2 Memory cards

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Be aware that all memory cards for sale for the PS2 console are not original Sony.

Since consoles started to be made there have been 3rd party (not official) accessories made. Unfortunately some of these are poor quality and can spoil your enjoyment if they go wrong.

Look out for the non-official products.

An official Sony Playstation 2 looks like this:

Note on the packaging:

  • Sony logo top left
  • PS logo top right
  • Blue PS and Playstation 2 detail on the the card
  • Part number will be bottom left eg SCPH - with a number

The un-official cards look identical:

They often come packed in identical colour packaging as the official one but note on the 3rd party one:
  • No SONY branding (a bit obvious i know!)
  • No Playstation logo or blue text
  • Plastic casing is often thinner
  • Colour is not a "solid" (washed out look)
You will often notice the "feel"of the non-official ones is different too as they use thinner & cheaper plastic cases and housing.

Just be aware of what you are buying as they do make them look as much like the authentic item as possible. I'm not saying dont buy these 3rd party cards - just be aware its not official and when its very very cheap the build quality could be poor and you may end up paying out twice when you have to replace it.

Which third party memory cards are reliable?

If you cant get hold of an original Sony there are some manufacturers that do manufacture compatible memory cards of good quality. Many work together with Sony and if are " Magicgate" branded that have paid Sony a license to use the technology.


Magicgate branded and nice quality feel.

Max Memory:

Sometimes need a boot cd to work as they compress the saves to get higher storage levels. Often feel weak and flimsy.

Other brands like Joytech, Blaze and Game are often decent enough - its always wise to have a spare memory card and regularly copy over your current game saves to it as a backup.

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