4GB MP3/MP4 player scam on eBay

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There are many sellers offering i-pod nano clones with (allegedly) 4GB memory going for around £30 UK.


They are usually 1GB players - some are only 512kB, a few are 2GB - NONE ARE 4GB

They have been hacked to show 4GB in Windows Explorer but if you try to load more than their true physical capacity it'll all go pear shaped.

You can restore it to it's proper state by a low level Windows format which will also restore the file browser function (did you really think anyone would make a 4GB player which only went forwards & backwards one track at a time!!!)

Google for "memory hack" +MP4 and you'll find more info & loads of p*ssed off punters

Judging from the feedback there are a lot of mugs out there who don't check their units fully before posting - LOAD IT WITH >2GB before you leave feedback.

My seller is still turning them out 1 every 4 minutes - 4 weeks after I lodged a complaint with eBay, and from a fake UK address - Leighton Buzzard, Hong Kong :-)

So fake goods from a fake address and does anyone care - not from my experience

Happy bidding

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