4Gb MP3 /MP4 Players from Hong Kong

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If you have bought one of these then don't give feedback until you have loaded more than 2Gb of songs or videos on to it. Most of these players are being advertised as 4Gb and will trick your PC into thinking that they have 4Gb capacity. They don't! They have 2Gb capacity but you won't discover this until you try to load them up. They are so cheap that they don't represent bad value so long as you realise what you are buying.

Unfortunately the half capacity cheat is not the only nasty surprise. The sellers tell you that you can play up to 8 hours of video. What they don't say is that the battery will only give you 20 minutes of viewing before you need to recharge it. (The screen is power gready but you get reasonable playing time with the screen off.)

As to the ease of use, the menu system is not too bad once you understand it but the painfully slow response to the controls often causes you to press again wondering why nothing has happened and this often results in you having to start again. The supplied instructions will only give you some hints as to navigating the menu. You really need to just try it and work it out for yourself.

There is a very good forum that gives instructions on how to re-format the memory so that it doesn't confuse your PC and also how drive these things. I'm not permitted to give the link but Googling my mpx may help.
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