5 Accessories to Vamp Up the Inside of Your Mini Cooper

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5 Accessories to Vamp Up the Inside of Your Mini Cooper

Driving a Mini Cooper is looked upon as making a statement in itself by many, and a number of Mini Cooper owners wish to vamp up their vehicles in order to make them even more unique. While the outside of these cars is what catches the attention of most, those seated inside go through a completely different experience, and as a result, the sight of Mini Cooper owners looking for accessories to spruce the inside of their cars in not uncommon. The good news is that Mini Cooper owners have numerous accessories from which to choose, and the five discussed herein include GPS navigation systems, baby seats, sports seats, gear knobs, and steering rims.

Turning to brick-and-mortar shops that deal in car accessories is one way to go about looking for Mini Cooper accessories, the other being, turning online to websites like eBay. Before buying any given accessory, identifying just what you need is suggested, and it is recommended that you learn how to differentiate between various alternatives on offer and set budgets in accordance.

1. GPS Navigation Systems for Mini Coopers

A significant number of old Mini Cooper owners can be found looking for GPS navigation systems, and some people buying new Mini Coopers can be found looking for aftermarket GPS systems,  as opposed to opting for factory fitted alternatives. When it comes to looking for aftermarket alternatives, you have different options in which to turn, not just in terms of manufacturers, but in terms of different types of GPS systems that are priced differently.

Factory Fitted GPS Systems

If you intend to buy a new Mini Cooper, you should know that you have the option to opt for a fairly big screen factory fitted GPS navigation system that comes with voice recognition and offers real-time traffic information. This, however, is looked upon as a more expensive alternative than most aftermarket options, and besides, factory fitted GPS systems do not offer portability, that is, they cannot be removed from the car to be used with other cars as, and when, required.

Aftermarket GPS Systems for Mini Coopers

If you use more than one vehicle and do not wish to invest in an individual GPS system for each, or if you are in the habit of travelling and renting vehicles as you go, you are better off investing in an aftermarket portable GPS system. An advantage of portable GPS devices is that their use is not limited to cars, as they can also be used while cycling, camping, and performing other activities. When looking for aftermarket car GPS navigation systems, you have various notable brands of which to turn, some of which includeGarmin, Mio, Navigon, Navman, and TomTom..

Which GPS System Should You Choose?

Screen size should be addressed when it comes to buying car GPS systems, and know that if you opt for a very large screen, it may look out of place in your not-so-big Mini Cooper. Keep in mind that opting for something like a 7-inch screen mounted near the windscreen can work in obscuring vision, thereby causing safety concerns. On the other hand, a small 3-inch screen may require you to scrutinise the screen closely, thereby getting you to take your eyes off of the road.

Certain GPS systems come with real-time traffic updates, although this service comes at a price. The battery life of portable GPS systems varies from model to model, thereby requiring your attention. Some GPS systems offer users lifetime updates of maps, some come with hands-free Bluetooth telephone connectivity, some offer voice command capabilities, and some come with FM transmitters. The prices of Mini Cooper GPS systems, as a result, vary in accordance to the extras with which they come, and setting a budget at the onset can, thereby, help you narrow in on suitable alternatives.

2. Baby Seats for Mini Coopers

If you own a Mini Cooper and have recently welcomed a baby into your home, or if you are already a parent and have recently acquired a Mini Cooper, it is only natural that you need a baby seat,, and the baby seat you buy can make all of the difference between vamping your car and making it seem drab. The good news is that you have various factory manufactured and aftermarket baby seat alternatives from which to choose, and the table below takes you through alternatives offered directly by Mini Cooper.

Seat Variant




Ideal for 3 to 13 kg; comes with seat reducer; quick and easy release


I to II

Ideal for 9 to 25 kg; tilt and height adjustable back; includes restraint cushion



Ideal for 15 to 25 kg; tilt and height adjustable back



Ideal for 15 to 36 kg; height adjustable back; washable and removable cover


If you intend to use a single baby seat for the entire duration that a baby requires it, know that doing so is not recommended because of different factors. For instance, while infants need to fit snugly into their baby seats until a certain age, you could go the way of the booster seat option once your child approaches four years old.

3. Sports Seats for Mini Coopers

The options that Mini Cooper throws your way when it comes to buying after market sports seats come through its range of John Cooper Works Tuning accessories. The cheaper alternatives, priced at around 2,500 pounds, are made using a leather and alcantara combination, and those made using just leather are sold for around 3,000 pounds. These sports seats offer drivers increased support through raised side bolsters, are made using lightweight plastic, have two height settings from which to choose, and incorporate the use of unique side airbags.

4. Gear Knobs for Mini Coopers

Gear knobs give Mini Cooper owners an easy way to add a further touch of individuality to their cars' interior. Mini Cooper manufactures a range of gear knobs for its customers to choose from, which include a fine wood gear knob made using mahogany, a panther black leather gear knob, and selector lever grips covered in leather, leather with chrome strip, and leather with fine wood strip alternatives. The starting price for these gear knobs made by Mini Cooper is around 70 pounds.

As a buyer, you also have the option to turn to third-party alternatives when it comes to looking for Mini Cooper gear knobs,, which are made available in a range of colour, design, and material alternatives like chrome, leather, and alcantara.

5. Steering Rims for Mini Coopers

The steering rims that Mini Cooper offers its customers come through its regular range of accessories as well as its line of John Cooper Works Tuning accessories. The leather rim, sold for around 270 pounds, offers drivers a better grip, and buyers have the option to buy this steering rim with multifunction buttons that include buttons for radio and cruise control. The leather-covered sports variants, offering the ability to upgrade to carbon trims, are more expensive, starting at around 540 pounds. In addition, buyers also have the option to invest in simpler leather and alcantara-covered sports variants, priced in between 350 to 400 pounds.

Buying Accessories to Vamp Up the Inside of Your Mini Cooper on eBay

eBay serves as a great platform when it comes to buying accessories for Mini Coopers, and you can expect to find accessories for just about every Mini Cooper model out there, be it a Mini Cooper Coupe,, a Mini Cooper Convertible, a Mini Cooper Roadster, a Mini Cooper Clubman, or a Mini Cooper Countryman . The range of Mini Cooper accessories for the inside that you can expect to find on eBay extend to more than those mentioned above, and you can also expect to find other Mini-Cooper-specific accessories, like glass cases, mobile device holders, storage trays, foot mats, and more.

Looking for Mini Cooper accessories on eBay is quite easy owing to the search option that is present on every page, wherein you are simply required to key in the product for which you are looking. For instance, if you are looking for a GPS navigation system for your Mini Cooper, all you need to do is type in "Mini Cooper GPS navigation" and click on search, and you shall be presented with relevant results.


There is no limit to how much you can spend in vamping up the inside of your Mini Cooper, although there is a lot you can do without having to spend too much. While some accessories, like GPS navigation systems, do more than just better the look of your Mini Cooper by coming with high levels of functionality, some others, like indoor laser lighting, are installed entirely because of the aesthetic factor. Fact remains that not everybody looks for functionality when it comes to Mini Cooper accessories, and creating a level of funk is often the reason behind the hunt for Mini Cooper accessories.

Irrespective of the reason behind looking for Mini Cooper accessories, know that you have a plethora of Mini Cooper products, as well as third-party alternatives, from which to choose, and deciding between the two basically boils down to a matter of preference and budget. In either case, you do have some great options from which to choose, and vamping up the inside of your Mini Cooper may be easier and more affordable than you think.

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