5 Caravan Holiday Ideas in Devon

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5 Caravan Holiday Ideas in Devon

Devon continues to attract more and more visitors with every passing year, and its seaside villages and cities drenched in history offer something for everyone. Home to a large number of camping sites, this region is looked upon with favour by many caravan aficionados, with people from all across the U.K. and elsewhere opting to spend some time in this part of the world, caravans in tow. This county, in southwestern England, boasts of a pristine coastline, surfing beaches, subtropical gardens, and luscious forests, making it an ideal place to holiday, for short and long durations alike.

When it comes to making travel and camping or lodging arrangements, while getting in touch with local agents can help, using online platforms like eBay can be more beneficial. Given that there is much to see in this part of the world, knowing a little about the region ahead of time certainly helps, and identifying key areas that are worth visiting makes the trip simpler. In addition, with scores of caravan holiday ideas to choose from and not having time to indulge in them all, making decisions based on personal choices is the obvious way to go. Some caravan holiday ideas in Devon include the Dartmoor National Park, Dartmouth, Salcombe, Torquay, and Paignton.

1. Be One With Nature at the Dartmoor National Park

The Dartmoor National Park attracts a number of holidaymakers who travel in caravans simply because it allows them to traverse just about the entire length and breadth of the region. Dartmoor covers more than 900 square kilometres, and the national park's management is overseen by the Dartmoor National Park Authority. Covered with a number of granite hilltops referred to as tors, the national park offers visitors a number of picnic spots and walking trails, and visitors can spend entire days exploring the region's distinct geography and biological diversity. The landscape that visitors get to see within, and around, the national park is a result of volcanic activity that this region experienced in the past, and it is often looked upon as a hotbed for archaeology as well as antiquities.

While a number of people visiting this region do so because they like to relax and take it easy, some others come here to indulge in physical activities that come in the form of climbing, cycling, horseriding, kayaking, and geo-caching. In addition, the fact that this region was chosen to serve as the backdrop for Steven Spielberg's "Warhorse", owing to its magnificent landscape and lighting, is something that has been noticed by many travellers.

2. Soak Up History at Dartmouth

Dartmouth is a place of which almost every Agatha Christie fan has heard because of her novel, "The Regatta Mystery", that was set here. Located on the banks of the River Dart, Dartmouth holds an important place in the nation's naval history, and its connection to the British Navy remains strong to this date owing to the presence of the Royal Naval College in Dartmouth. The Dartmouth Royal Regatta, an annual affair, takes place every summer; and the town also hosts various aerial displays and sailing events all year round.

A bustling holiday destination, this region is home to many Elizabethan and medieval buildings, with stone steps and narrow lanes adding further to the old world charm. A popular pub called Cherub is actually housed in the region's oldest building, dating back to 1380; and the 17th century Butterwalk is the place King Charles II used to hold court while he had to remain here when waiting out a storm in 1671. The embankment that envelopes the entire town also has its own history; it was built using the help of prisoners captured during the Napoleonic wars.

Other places of interest that are worth exploring in, and around, Dartmouth include Bayards Cove, a picturesque cobbled old wharf with a small fort at one end that dates back to 1510; the Dartmouth Castle, a fort that was built in the 15th century; and the Greenway estate, Agatha Christie's former home, now owned by the National Trust and open to the public. Whilst here, visitors should also try to see the Newcomen Memorial Engine, a working example of an atmospheric steam pumping engine dating back to 1725.

3. Explore the Seaside at Salcombe

Part of South Devon's English Riviera, this coastal town is the southernmost part of Devon, and boasts of five beautiful beaches: Fisherman's Cove, Small's Cove, Dable Cove, Sunny Cove, and Mill Bay. In addition, short ferry trips also make the North Sands and South Sands easily accessible. Salcombe makes for an ideal caravan holiday spot for people who like sailing and watersports, and not only is Salcombe home to a number of sailing schools, visitors have the option of hiring boats, ranging from simple sailing boats to kayaks to power dinghies. Every August, the Salcombe Yacht Club Regatta sees around 400 dinghies taking part in a number of dinghy classes, and this event manages to attract a number of visitors.

People travelling in their caravans can also choose to visit Salcombe to unwind and relax, enjoying panoramic views, taking long leisurely walks, going on winding boat rides, fishing quietly in a creek, soaking in the sun at a beach, or simply taking it easy in any of the many local pubs and cafes.

4. Club History With Modernity at Torquay

Torquay finds itself on many caravan holiday itineraries because this area offers visitors good amounts of history and modernity to go with their seaside holidays. After all, in addition to its beaches, it also boasts of an exuberant nightlife owing to the presence of a number of nightclubs, bars, and pubs. Torquay, travellers should know, comes within the periphery of the "English Riviera Global Geopark", a UNESCO supported area previously inhabited by prehistoric animals and cavemen.

The Kents Cavern, home to cavemen in the past, are caves that boast of rich archaeological heritage, and have received famed visitors like King George V, Haile Selassie, Beatrix Potter, and Agatha Christie. Living Coasts is a large zoo with a coastal feel, where animals and birds are housed in specially created naturalistic habitats. Other places worth visiting include the Cockington Court and Country Park, Torre Abbey, Babbacombe Model Village, and the Princess Theatre.

Not to forget, Torquay is home to scores of picture perfect beaches that offer an array of watersports, which Anstey's Cove, Babbacombe Beach, Corbyn Sands, Maidencombe Beach, Meadfoot Beach, Oddicombe Beach, Torre Abbey Sands, and Watcombe Beach.

5. Watch Animals Be Animals at Paignton

Paignton offers more than sun, sand, and fun to caravan travellers. While Paignton is home to various award winning beaches, and although the popular Paignton Pier offers visitors an abundance of activities from which to choose, the highlight in Paignton has to be the Paignton Zoo.

The Paignton Zoo is a great place for a family outing, and in addition to housing around 3,000 animals from different parts of the world, the Paignton Zoo also lays focus on preserving and conserving heritage. What's unique about this zoo is that it also doubles as an environmental park, displaying a rich diversity of botanical life as well. In addition, the zoo also includes indoor play areas for children, a number of food shacks and restaurants, adequate restrooms, and a gift shop, and its Jungle Express train is something that finds favour with many visitors, both young and old alike.

How to Buy a Caravan Holiday in Devon on eBay

Until not so long ago, travellers often had to take great pains in ensuring that their travel plans were in place ahead of time, although, thanks to the Internet, the same is no longer the case, and this is where turning to eBay enters the fray. After all, not only can eBay users use this platform to search for airline tickets , train tickets, bus tickets, and car rentals, they can also use this platform to look for accommodation alternatives ranging for simple bed and breakfasts to high-end hotels. When travelling by caravan, people can also use eBay to look for suitable holiday parks and camping sites.

People who wish to travel to Devon by air or train, and then hire a caravan, can do so quite easily, which is something eBay can be used for as well. Just how much is to be paid for a rental varies from caravan owner to caravan owner, where factors like the vehicle's condition, its size, and the features it offers ought to be taken into account. Importantly, it is suggested that eBay users browse through the offerings of multiple sellers before making their decisions.


When exploring Devon using a caravan, people have various options to turn to, not just in terms of where they can go, but also in terms of the money they wish to spend. For example, while spending a night at a simple caravan site can be done in an affordable manner; travellers also have the option of looking for high-end alternatives that include luxury cottages. While basic cleanliness and hygiene is something that is common with most alternatives, people looking at camping site alternatives can also choose to look for those that offer hot and cold water showers, central heating, electrical points, laundry facilities, restaurants, on call doctors, and more.

The natural beauty of Devon's coast, its forest, and its moors, tends to leave a lasting impression on just about everyone who visits, and that most visitors want to return is something that should come as no surprise. Perfect to take a caravan holiday, Devon truly does offer visitors the best of many worlds, making it an ideal place to get away with your family, friends, or loved ones.

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