5 Caravan Holiday Ideas in Europe

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5 Caravan Holiday Ideas in Europe

Caravan holidays have become really popular in the UK in recent years, especially because they offer tourists the convenience of being able to travel virtually anywhere in Europe with a ready-made home attached to their car. Besides offering travellers complete freedom and flexibility, caravan holidays also come with the advantage of requiring little preparation. There are no plane tickets and hotel rooms to book, so one can actually go on a holiday just about any time they like.

Probably the most important thing to consider when it comes to planning a caravan holiday is the destination. The good news is that one is not confined to their own country when thinking about caravanning. All countries in Europe offer caravanning options and this kind of holiday is one of the best ways to discover the beautiful landscapes of the continent with the entire family. By reading more about several caravan holiday ideas in Europe, one can easily find an appealing destination for their next escape.

Holiday Idea 1: Normandy, France

France is a great idea for any kind of holiday. Those who are looking for caravanning options in the country of wine and patisserie have plenty of options to choose from. Caravanning in France offers travellers the possibility to explore an eclectic mix of beautiful forests, rolling country hills, superb food, and impressive culture.

Why Go Caravanning in Normandy

One of the most popular regions for caravan holidays in France is Normandy, and for a good reason. The region boasts more than 350 miles of coastline, not to mention the famous D-Day beaches. This is an ideal destination for those who are looking to discover the natural wonders of France.

What to See on a Caravan Holiday in Normandy

The region of Normandy welcomes holiday-makers with a beautiful countryside, picturesque villages, superb cathedrals, and some of the most renowned historical sites in Europe. A visit to the D-Day beaches, the Rouen Cathedral, and a day-trip to the town of Bayeux to see the famous tapestry dating from 1066 are just a few ideas for a caravan holiday in Normandy. When it comes to choosing a caravan park in Normandy, the options are endless, with some of the most popular being Le Point du Jour, Camping Le Colombier, Chateau de Martragny, Camping Le Cormoran, and more.

Holiday Idea 2: Italy

The fabulous cuisine, abundant culture, and impressive history are reasons enough to plan a caravan holiday in Italy. One can add to this the stunning countryside, with rolling hills, lakes, and mountains, and an escape to Italy may seem like a complete holiday. Summer is perhaps the best time to plan a caravan holiday in Italy, especially for those who want to enjoy the sunny coastline. Winter is not off-limits though, as the stunning ski slopes and breathtaking mountain scenery can offer anyone an unforgettable experience.

There are multiple places worth discovering on a caravan holiday in Italy. From the lush Sicilian orange groves to the romance of Venice, the possibilities are endless. As the choice may be hard, travellers can opt for a themed holiday. For example, they could choose to plan the escape in a way that allows them to explore the famous monuments of the country. Alternatively, those who are more interested in discovering the natural beauty of Italy could plan a route that takes them through some of the most exhilarating regions of the country, such as Tuscany for example.

Holiday Idea 3: Spain

Even though many think of Spain as a succession of glorious beaches, there is so much more to the country than that. Spain is a land with rich culture and inspiring architecture, which offers a complete holiday experience. One can thus choose to explore the beaches on the Spanish coastline or dive into the historical and architectural wonders of the mainland. Regardless of the choice, a caravan holiday allows travellers to explore Spain at ease.

Costa Brava

Tourists who opt for a caravan holiday in Spain can choose from several regions to discover. Spain is a large country, so a bit of planning ahead is highly recommended. One of the most visited Spanish regions is Costa Brava, which runs for more than 100 miles from Catalonia to the North East of Spain. This region features a large number of bustling resorts that are ideal for family caravan holidays.

Costa Dorada

One of the alternatives to Costa Brava is Costa Dorada, another popular Spanish holiday destination that enjoys close proximity to Barcelona. By choosing to go on a caravan holiday in Costa Dorada, travellers can enjoy the best of both worlds, city and beach. Watersport enthusiasts can choose to head off to Costa del Sol, which enjoys an average of 300 days of sunshine per year. The region is also rich in historic citadels, cathedrals, and museums, and is very close to Gibraltar.

Holiday Idea 4: Germany

Located in the heart of Europe, Germany welcomes visitors with vibrant cities featuring enchanted castles, tranquil villages, and a wealth of landscapes of forests, lakes, and mountains. Moreover, beach lovers can head to the north of the country and discover beautiful beaches that rival the popular Mediterranean destinations.

Some popular caravan holiday ideas in Germany include a city break in Munich, a trip to the Alps for skiing, a wine tasting even along the Rhine, or a rural walking holiday. A very large number of Germans speak fluent English, so one can easily feel at home in any region of the country. Besides the breathtaking sights, superb food, and wonderful cultural heritage, Germany is also home to a range of lively events, including the world famous Oktoberfest and numerous Christmas markets.

Holiday Idea 5: The Netherlands

Famous for its tulips, bicycles, windmills, and clogs, Holland has many more wonders worth discovering on a caravan holiday. By choosing to go on a caravan holiday in Holland, travellers can discover a rural landscape dotted with castles and medieval towns. Spring and summer are the best seasons to visit Holland, because this is the time tulips are in full bloom, making the entire holiday experience even more exciting.


Choosing the best places for caravanning in the Netherlands may prove to be quite tricky, as there are plenty of them. The capital of the country, Amsterdam, is certainly one of the most refreshing cities one can explore on a caravan holiday. Plentiful museums and galleries await visitors here. Moreover, the stunning canals and lively nightlife complete the picture of a perfect escape.


Utrecht is another option for a caravan holiday as this medieval city features a mix of ancient and modern architecture and boasts no less than eight fortresses. There are plenty of things to do as a tourist in this city, including climbing the Dom tower or taking a bicycle tour of the medieval city centre. Some of the most popular caravan parks in the Netherlands include Camping Heumens Bos, Camping de Paal, Camping Koningshof, and more.

How to Find Caravan Holiday Packages and Gear on eBay

If you are planning on going on a caravan holiday in Europe anytime soon, you may quickly find out that there are a lot of things you need to take care of. If you do not have a mobile caravan and want to buy one for example, you need to make some proper research before opting for a certain model. On the other hand, if you are looking to rent a static caravan anywhere in Europe, you need to take your time to find the right one to accommodate the needs of your entire family and your budget as well. Regardless of what you need for your next caravan holiday, you can find everything quickly and easily on eBay.

Start your search simply by typing what you need into eBay's search bar. For instance, if you are looking for a caravan home in France, type the words 'caravan holiday France' into the search bar and start browsing through the results you get. Remember to pay close attention to the description offered by the seller before buying anything. This way, you can make sure the items you buy or book for renting are exactly what you need for a dream holiday in Europe.


Caravan holidays are ideal for those who want to spend quality time with the entire family while having complete freedom of exploring new regions. Caravan sites across Europe vary in size and facilities they offer, but the choice is varied and one can choose from busy sites with plenty of on-site entertainment or opt for a quiet and secluded place. Regardless of one's preferences, a caravan-holiday in Europe is sure to be an exhilarating experience.

Those who are looking for caravan gear, mobile homes, or ready-made caravan holiday packages can easily find them all on eBay. The website offers a large selection of holiday packages as well as a multitude of accessories for caravan holidays. Whether one is looking to explore Europe in a mobile caravan or rent a static one for a family escape in an European country, chances are they can find all they need by browsing through eBay's's selection.

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