5 Chic and Creative Ways to Tie a Scarf

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5 Chic and Creative Ways to Tie a Scarf

A scarf is a strip of fabric that can be worn about the shoulders, neck, and head. Scarves can be made of lace, silk, wool, or many other fabrics. Scarves can protect the wearer from cold, but they are also widely used as an adornment and can be styled in many ways. Scarves can be rectangular, square, triangular, short and wide, or long and narrow. The longer the scarf, the more options it offers. Moreover, as scarves come in different shapes, the styling options are limited only by the imagination and creativity of the wearer. Scarves are produced in many colours and patterns, so women can have lots of them to suit different outfits and occasions. The right scarf can boost an outfit significantly, if it is tied in a chic and creative way. The styles and techniques used to tie a scarf are easy to follow. Many high street clothing and accessory shops sell scarves, and they are also available from online retailers, such as eBay.

Style 1: Ties for Head Scarves

When the scarf is worn about the head it can offer protection from cold weather and also add style to the hair. A head scarf is perfect for bad hair days, when all hairdos seem to fail. There are various ways to tie a head scarf and each of them takes just a couple of minutes in front of the mirror: much easier than creating an elaborate hairstyle.


First decide on the width for the headband and then fold the scarf accordingly. Place the middle of the scarf at the top of the head and make sure that the hair at the back is pulled away from the neck. Tie the scarf at the back under the hair either once or twice. Adjust the crown. It is also possible to add some other accessories to a plain headband to make it more interesting.

Chain Knot Wrap

The chain knot wrap is similar in appearance to the headband, but its tying technique is more elaborate. Start with the hair in a ponytail. Place the middle of the scarf at the back of the neck and bring the ends to meet at the forehead. Cross the ends over twice at the centre of the forehead. Pull the ends to the back of the head and tie them at the nape of the neck. Finally, undo the ponytail.

Head Loop

The head loop requires a circle scarf. First lay the scarf out wide. Put the widest part over the head and keep the seam in the middle. Wrap the ends together to create a loop in front of you, then pull the loop over the head, leaving the portion of the scarf covering the head laying flat. As this style covers the head it is good for windy days.

Ponytail Wrap

A ponytail wrap does not cover the head in the same way as the other styles in this section. It is a great way to adorn the hair and to add some colour to an ordinary ponytail. First fold or roll the head scarf into a long ribbon shape, then wrap it around the ponytail a few times, leaving the ends facing up. Tie the ends once or twice to complete the wrap.

Style 2: Ties for Large Wrap Scarves

Large wrap scarves are perfect for chilly summer nights or the cold winter months. The simplest way to wear a large scarf is just to put it around the shoulders as a shrug or shawl, but there are also creative tying techniques available.


The sarong is possibly the easiest tie to make from a wrap scarf. A sarong is a loose-fitting garment that resembles a skirt and is formed by wrapping the scarf around the body. Open the scarf wide and then wrap it around the hips. Pull the ends and tie them at the side to form a knot. If correctly placed, the sarong accentuates the hips by drawing attention to them, so this style should be avoided by wearers who wish to hide their hips.

Cape Wrap

The cape wrap is a great way to make use of a large square scarf and it helps to keep the shoulders warm. Start by folding the square scarf in half into a triangle. Place the longest side across the shoulders, with two corners of the triangle meeting at the front. Tie those ends together in a knot.

Double Loop Wrap

The double loop wrap creates an elaborate tie that can be worn around the neck. As it is made of a wrap scarf, it covers the neck almost completely, providing extra warmth. First, place the middle of the scarf at the back of the neck. Cross the ends at the front, then take them to the back. Cross them again, then bring them back to the front and tie them together.

Style 3: Ties for Skinny Scarves

Skinny scarves are narrow and are therefore good for wearing under other clothes where a larger scarf would not fit. Skinny scarves, unless made of wool, are not very warm because of their size, but they can be used to create stylish ties around the neck.

Knotted Loop

The knotted loop is a good way to stylise a plain top by adding some colour and texture. Simply tie a skinny scarf together by its ends and then fit it around the neck, allowing it to hang from the front and cover part of the top.

French Knot

For a French knot, first drape the scarf around the front of the neck, leaving the ends to hang at the back. Then bring the ends to the front and loosen the loop around the neck so that the scarf hangs comfortably. Finally, tie the ends at the front.

Knot Row

The knot row has a row of knots hanging at the front. First wrap the scarf around the back of the neck and then tie a series of knots at the front. There should be space between the knots. Finally, align the scarf so that the knots fall down the centre of the chest. 

Style 4: Ties for Winter Scarves

Women usually just wrap thick winter scarves around their neck to keep warm, but they can be worn in many different ways without losing the warming effect. Styling a simple winter scarf can turn a functional scarf into a fashion item.

Triple Loop

The triple loop is a very warm tie and has a lot of volume as the scarf is layered multiple times, so it is not appropriate to wear under a tight coat, unless the collar can be loosened. First, place a circle scarf around the back of the neck. Arrange the scarf into a figure eight at the front, where the first part of the eight is already around your neck. Pull the outer loop over the head. The scarf should be pulled taut, so that the two loops are close to the neck. Then, create another figure eight at the front and repeat the process.


The braid looks like an elaborate tie that took a long time to make, but it is quite easy. It provides a sophisticated look and is great for wearing with dresses or tops that have deep cleavages that leave the upper chest bare. First double up the scarf and wrap it around the neck. Thread one end through the loop. Rotate the loop by twisting it around, then thread the other end through the loop.

Style 5: Elegant Bow Ties

A bow tie is often found as a part of men’s formal wear. However, women can mimic the style in order to create elegant scarf ties.

Half Bow

The half bow tie has the loop of the bow only on one side. The asymmetric nature of this look gives a sense fun to an outfit. To tie a half-bow, first loop the scarf around the neck and tie it once. Then, form a loop with one end of the scarf, as if tying only one side of a pair of shoelaces. Wrap the free end of the scarf around the loop and then draw it all the way around the neck and back to the front. Finally, the loop can be fluffed.


The bow is easier to make than the half bow. This style requires a longer scarf. The scarf is wrapped around the neck, keeping the ends even. Then, the scarf is tied like any bow or in a similar way to shoelaces. The loops can be adjusted to any length.

Buying Scarves on eBay

Before buying a scarf on eBay, first decide how and where you want to wear it. You can look at the different tying techniques, choose your favourites, and then buy the scarves that allow you to achieve the look. When you have decided on a scarf, start your search from the main page by typing your key phrase into the search box. This presents a list of results, which can be sorted by price or other features.

If you have a good idea of the scarf that you want, either the colour or shape, or even the occasion where you want to wear the scarf, you can enter a relevant phrase. For example, your keywords could be "pink scarf", "circle scarf", or "formal scarf". Read the item listing carefully, looking for details such as the size of the scarf and its material. If you have any questions, then feel free to contact the seller. You can ask about the payment methods, postage and packaging fees, and the returns policy if the information is not contained in the item listing.


Scarves are great accessories that do not only provide warmth; they can also look stylish and enhance an outfit. Women can wrap the scarves around their necks or shoulders simply, or they can use more elaborate ties that look fabulous. Head scarves can be worn in multiple ways as a solution to a bad hair day, or to add colour to a hairstyle. Large wrap scarves can cover a wider region and can be worn as sarongs and capes, among other styles. Skinny scarves look best when tied in knotted loops. Winter scarves are typically heavier, but can still be tied into triple loops that provide extra warmth. Last, but not least, scarves can be made into bow ties, either an asymmetrical half bow or an elegant full bow. eBay offers a wide variety of scarves in a range of colours, shapes, and materials that can be tied in many chic and creative ways.

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