5 Considerations When Purchasing a BMW for Your Teen

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5 Considerations When Purchasing a BMW for Your Teen

Anyone who wants to purchase a BMW for their teen has a lot to consider, including the vehicle's driving capability, safety, and price. Most would prefer to spend as little as possible, even if they have a relatively high budget, so cheaper alternatives to purchasing a new BMW are also a consideration. Buyers also need to choose the model, size, type of vehicle, fuel mileage, and year of vehicle before making a purchase.

BMWs are very popular vehicles and to many people, are a status symbols. Bavarian Motor Works, the English name for BMW, has been building vehicles since 1916 and has a great deal of models, vehicle classes, and prices attached to their line-up. Choosing one can be as easy as picking a model preferred by the teen or finding the most affordable or best fuel mileage option, but might also require more complicated research. For the most part, choosing a BMW depends on individual circumstances, so most people end up with a different car.

Consideration 1: BMW Safety

Teens unfortunately have a higher crash rating than adults and a vehicle with a higher crash rating is probably the best way to protect them in case of the worst. Buyers can look for a BMW with a higher safety rating, better seat belts, and any specific safety features such as side air bags or a certain impact rating. For example, the 2010 5-series had a five-star side collision rating and a three-star frontal collision rating. This is actually very good on the side rating but a little lower than average on frontal collision. Remember to check the safety rating on any specific BMW before purchase if concerned about it.

Consideration 2: BMW Fuel Mileage

Fuel mileage should almost always be a concern as most teens do not actually pay for their own petrol. If they do, they probably want their vehicle to be as efficient as possible. For the most part, BMW vehicles tend to be fuel efficient but it is always a good idea to check. Many BMWs offer fuel efficiency of 13 kilometres per litre or more. Some models are also hybrids, which means that they do get better petrol mileage, but most tend to get 9 to 11 kilometres per litre on city driving and a little higher on motorway driving. Buyers should also consider that the older the car, the lower its fuel efficiency.

Finding the fuel mileage can be difficult if purchasing in person but it is very easy to look up the fuel mileage for a specific car if shopping online. BMWs for sale on eBay or other online sites typically have the fuel mileage listed in the description, which makes finding it significantly easier. Importantly, most vehicles do get better mileage during long driving periods than in city traffic, which is where most teens drive. This means that the car can be expected to get the lowest mileage under most driving conditions. So for example, if a BMW is rated 9–11, it is probably going to get 9 kilometres per litre far more often than 11.

Consideration 3: BMW Style and Model

The style of the vehicle is most likely a big deal to your teen so make sure that you discuss it before purchase. The majority of BMW vehicles are very stylish and body shapes range from hatchbacks to sports cars, so there are plenty of options. Usually, a very popular option is the coupe, which is very easy to find and purchase, especially online, although other models such as the Z4 roadster are a little more glamorous. Some popular models of the BMW include the hatchback, sedan, coupe, roadster, SUV, and convertible. All of these are readily available new and from used car sellers although most models are significantly cheaper when purchased online. While SUVs, SAVs, hatchbacks, and wagons offer considerably more room for storage and additional people, most teens tend to prefer convertible, coupe, and roadster models, which are more standard or sport car in appearance.


Colour is usually a personal preference, so it may be a good idea to ask the teen which colour he or she prefers. While most teens have their favourite colours, some of the most common colours for the BMW include grey or silver, black, white, red, and blue. Silver is a very popular colour option so buyers can look for that as an easy-to-find car. Blue and red are both much rarer than black white or silver, but still very popular colours, especially for a teen's car.


The exact model of the car matters for a range of reasons including fuel mileage, cost, age, suitability, and the teen's preference. Most teens tend to prefer coupe models rather than hatchbacks or sedans as coupes are more attractive, but the latter may be more affordable. The following chart outlines popular BMW models.





1 Series



Since 2011

1 Series


Coupe or Convertible

Since 2004

3 Series


Sedan and Wagon

Since 2012

3 Series


Coupe and Convertible

Since 2007

5 Series


Sedan and Wagon

Since 2010

5 Series Gran Turismo


Progressive Activity Sedan

Since 2009

6 Series


Coupe, Convertible, Grand Coupe

Since 2010

7 Series



Since 2008




Since 2008




Since 2010




Since 2006



Sports Activity Coupe

Since 2008



Sports Roadster

Since 2009

There are, of course, many other models not listed here that were produced at different times. Buyers can look online to find models as far back as the 1970s, so there are plenty of choices to consider. There are also models that have not been produced for years, but most buyers should look for a car that is no more than ten years old if they intend to drive it regularly. Some older cars might not hold up to modern fuel emissions standards, so it is a very good idea to check before purchase. If the vehicle is more than 15 years old, it most likely requires an updated emissions system or filter in order to be driven in the UK. Buyers can check specifics with their local city hall if they plan on purchasing a very old BMW.

Consideration 4: Budget

Budget is another very important consideration for almost everyone. Buyers can choose between buying a new BMW and finding a used one online. They should check if the vehicle is meant to be paid off in instalments or all at once as either option requires a radically different payment method. For example, some sellers might like the payment to be paid in full within three to fourteen days unless otherwise specified. Most car dealerships offer financing for anyone who is purchasing new and sometimes even used cars. Typically, setting a budget should include final cost of purchase including any interest and fees that might accumulate on the vehicle if paid in instalments.

Consideration 5: Insurance

Besides setting a budget for purchasing a BMW for your teen, it is also important to check the insurance rate for the vehicle you intend to purchase. Typically, the older the car, the more the insurance costs although this is not always the case. If the teen already has a record of driving without accidents and the car has a high crash safety rating, then insurance might still be quite reasonable. It is usually possible to get a quote before purchase of the vehicle or to simply make the decision based on the general age and condition of the vehicle.

Buying a BMW for Your Teen on eBay

eBay is a great place to look for a BMW for your teen because not there thousands of options available and you can look through them from the comfort of your home. eBay allows you to quickly search and find specific models, a specific body make, a production year, as well as a type of BMW. For example, you could easily find a BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo or a 1999 BMW M5. You can use the search box to type and search specific models, or browse through search results to find specifics.

It is important to read the description to ensure that the vehicle runs, does not need repairs, and has all of its paperwork. Other details, such as the fuel mileage, number of kilometres driven, year of production, and other important information, can also be found in the description. Most of the time, eBay sellers do not deliver, so it is important to consider pick-up options before purchase.


Purchasing a BMW for your teen does require thought and consideration towards the budget, model, body, capabilities, and safety of the vehicle. Most buyers should start out with setting a maximum budget and then having a discussion with their teen about preferred colour, style, and body of the BMW. Some teens may also have an exact BMW model that they prefer so it is always a good idea to ask. The coupe, estate, convertible, and standard car tend to be much more popular than hatchback or SUV versions, especially for teens.

Buyers can also choose to purchase their BMW new or used. Both considerations have their own pros and cons although most parents actually choose to purchase a second hand BMW from eBay or other online website for economical reasons. Important things to keep in mind are to stick to the budget, choose a vehicle worth the money, and look for a safe and reliable automobile.

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