5 Decals to Enhance the Exterior of Your Mini Cooper

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5 Decals to Enhance the Exterior of Your Mini Cooper

The Mini Cooper from BMW is considered to be an iconic British car with its distinctive design, small body, and popular style. With more than five million models sold between 1953 and 2004, the Mini Cooper is one of the most popular British cars ever made. The characteristic design of the Mini Cooper is almost instantly recognisable, even by people who are not fans of cars.

Anyone who either owns or is looking to purchase a Mini Cooper can also look into decorating the exterior of the car with decals including stickers, magnets, and more. Shapes, designs, and options vary from decal to decal, but most buyers can find something they like based on the appearance of the decal and the type of material it is made of. Buyers can look on eBay or in car specialty shops for any of the decals listed below to decorate and personalise their Mini Cooper.

1. Sports Decals

Sports decals are always popular but football and racing decals tend to be the most popular. Sport decals are most often available in permanent stick-on vinyl, which should usually only be used on vehicles not intended for resale. Some sports decals might also be available as magnets or stickers, although they are not quite as durable as vinyl decals.

Football Decals

Buyers can look for football decals from a specific team or teams. Great ideas include the logo of a team, a football, or any stickers that the football club has released for use on cars. These stickers can be placed on the side of the Mini Cooper, but sometimes also on the windows. Typically, window stickers are white and cut-out vinyl, which allows the window to still be used to view traffic through the back.

Racing Decals

Unlike sports decals, racing decals are not usually produced for individual teams. Racing decals can include stripes, racing flags, stars, racing numbers, car outlines, type of racing decals, or even a car racing brand such as 'Ferrari' although these are rare for use as Mini Cooper decals. Typically, racing decals cover racing stripes and numbers, and the two can often be combined to create a unique look.

A side stripe made out of racing checkers is a very popular look for the Mini Cooper. Typically, this look is done in black on light coloured cars and in white on darker cars. Most people start out with a solid colour Mini Cooper for this type of design as the race theme is meant to replace the standard white line theme. Anyone who would like to use a racing checker theme can purchase a premade kit online and then simply install it onto their car.

2. Flag Decals

Most people put flags on the roof of their Mini Cooper as very large vinyl stickers. Other popular places include on the bonnet and on the doors, although these must naturally be smaller. The Union Jack is probably the most famous decal for the Mini Cooper for obvious reasons, and is usually very easy to find. Anyone who would like another type of flag decal such as a U.S. or French flag can of course choose one of those, but they might get odd looks on the streets.

3. Window Designs

Window designs are another type of decals for decorating the exterior of a Mini Cooper, but there are some restrictions. For example, they cannot be on the front or side windows, and cannot restrict view in any way. As a result, most window decals are on the smaller side and are not usually recommended. Great ideas include stick figure families, small decals, names, and more.

4. Bonnet Stickers

Decorating a Mini Cooper with bonnet stickers can create a classical look, mostly because many of the Mini Cooper cars were originally sold with bonnet stripes. Anyone who either does not have these stickers or who would like to change up the look can add their own stickers to the bonnet. Popular bonnet sticker options include full decals, which are quite large and sometimes hard to install, pirate skulls, the Union Jack, and sometimes even a different pattern of stripes.

5. Classic Mini Cooper Decals

The Mini Cooper has its own classic look, and included in that look are many decals that can be purchased and added at will. Most people end up liking the classic decals better than random ones because the classic decals tend to match the vehicle better and tend to be more visually appealing when the vehicle is on the road. Options range from small to large, and some are a little pricier than others.

Racing Stripes

Racing stripes are sometimes but not always added to the side of the car. These decals should start on the hood and go about three quarters of the way back or start on the door and go about three quarters of the way towards the end of the car. Remember to balance the look and not to run the stripes off of the end of the car, as this looks weird. Popular colours include white, black, and any colour that contrasts with the colour of the Mini Cooper.

Bonnet Stripes

Bonnet stripes, especially dual hood stripes, are the classic look of the Mini Cooper. Consider purchasing dual stripes or a single vinyl stripe and then applying it on either side of the bonnet. The classic look uses two white decals spaced about eight centimetres away from the start of the bonnet. Most bonnet sticker kits for Mini Cooper cars should come with instructions on how to install them without having lopsided or crooked strips.

Roof Stickers

Roof stickers are another extremely popular decal for Mini Coopers . A great example is of course the Union Jack, and this is the classic look for roof stickers for a Mini Cooper. Remember that in order for the vinyl sticker to fit, it must be made specifically for a Mini Cooper roof. Otherwise, the sticker might be too small or too large, which is not the same look. eBay is usually a great place to get large style roof stickers as they can be quite expensive when bought in car shops and custom made vinyl stores. Other than the Union Jack, the most popular decal is probably a continuation of the stripes from the bonnet and roof. These stripes are usually the opposite of the ones on the hood and are very wide with a thin stripe of the car's main colour running down the middle.

John Cooper Signature

A John Cooper signature is another great option for decorating a Mini Cooper. John Cooper designed the Mini Cooper as well as a racing model of the car. His signature, in white, is usually placed on the right fender, although it can be placed pretty much anywhere on the vehicle. Usually, this is a very small and inexpensive decal available in many online and local auto accessories shops.

Alternative Designs

There are plenty of other designs for Mini Cooper decals, so anyone who would like a specific design is likely to find something. Some of the more sensational designs sometimes seen on the streets include flames, which can be placed on the hood, roof, or doors. Some Mini Coopers are painstakingly decorated with hundreds of stickers to look like a racing car. Other people cover the car with black or white dots to make it a polka dotted car. Still others use stickers of skulls, squares, or even the Mini Cooper flying logo. Essentially, there are hundreds of designs, and choosing one is a matter of personal opinion.

Buying Mini Cooper Decals on eBay

Buyers can choose to purchase Mini Cooper decals on eBay as an easy and affordable method of finding the stickers or magnets they are looking for. Most Mini Cooper decals are actually made of stick-on vinyl and can be difficult to remove. Buyers should decide which type of decal they would like, what size they need, and then look for it on eBay using the search bar. 'Mini Cooper roof decal ' or 'Mini Cooper stripes' are both good options for a search, although 'Mini Cooper decal' should also bring up plenty of options.

You can purchase anything from an actual Mini Cooper to the stickers for the roof on eBay, so remember to read the description to make sure that you are buying what you think you are buying. Checking cost and estimated time of shipping before purchase is also a good idea, especially if the decals are intended for a special event.


There are plenty of Mini Cooper decals on the market and for the most part, the hardest thing to do is choose just one. Buyers should choose a single decal, or a theme for the vehicle, and then purchase decals accordingly. Popular styles include classic Mini Cooper themes such as hood and roof stripes, a Union Jack sticker on the roof, a racing theme, or even polka dots, depending on the person decorating the vehicle.

Vinyl stickers are one of the most popular choices for Mini Cooper decals, although some people do prefer to go with magnets, which are easier to take off without damaging the car. Buyers should set a budget for the decals and then look for them in car shops and on online sites such as eBay where it might be easier to search for and find a specific decal. Checking to ensure that the design is suitable for a Mini Cooper and then making the purchase are the final steps.

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