5 Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Renault for Your Teen

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5 Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Renault for Your Teen

It is the moment that all parents both fear and look forward to with equal amounts of excitement and apprehension; the moment their teenagers get their drivers' licences. Having more freedom means Mum and Dad can relinquish some of the driving duties, but it also means parents are likely to worry about their kids' safety while on the road. Parents looking for vehicles for their newest drivers can find many great features in the Renault line of cars.

Renault cars are known for their affordable prices, and they are crammed with safety features that should put parents' minds at ease. While parents are looking for safety and reliability, teenagers may be more interested in technology or media features, and the Renault can provide all of those factors in one automobile. Parents and teens can browse the wide selection of vehicles made by Renault on eBay to find the perfect combination of reliability, safety, and fun.

Factor 1: Safety

Parents are most concerned about their child driving a vehicle that is safe. Newer Renault models offer vehicles that are fully loaded with modern safety features that should make parents breathe a little bit easier while their teenager is out driving. Some of the features that the Renault company equips its vehicles with include multiple airbags, anti-lock brakes, and cruise control, which keeps a teen driving at safe speeds.

Other features that may make parents feel better with their teen on the road include traction control and emergency brake assist. Parents may also enjoy knowing their child's Renault has a spare tyre on board, rear parking sensors, and a new feature called Electronic Stability Control, which helps the car maintain traction in slippery situations. Daytime running lights provide added illumination during the daytime, and airbags in the rear as well as the front protect passengers in the backseat should there be an accident.

Factor 2: Fuel Type and Transmission

Fuel efficiency is a major consideration when purchasing a car for a teenager, whether or not the teen is responsible for paying for gas, or parents have to fill up the car. A Renault that gets excellent gas mileage is a great option for drivers who do not want to spend much money on gas or who do not want to require several fill-ups per week.

Something else to consider for beginning drivers is the transmission style. There are two transmission styles for consumers selecting the right Renault for their teen driver. A manual transmission requires the driver to switch the gears, and an automatic transmission does the work for the driver. For a novice driver such as a teenager who has just gotten a driver's certificate, an automatic car is probably the best option since it requires a lesser skill set than a manual transmission car. Though a manual transmission Renault may be less costly than an automatic transmission Renault, it is worth the additional cost to not have to worry about a teenager having to learn how to comfortably drive a manual transmission when an automatic is much simpler to navigate.

Factor 3: Model Style

When parents are selecting a first car for their young driver, the model of the vehicle is important. When it comes to choosing a model, safety experts recommend a sedan as opposed to a smaller car, which is safer for teen drivers. Renault makes several models of sedans that are still sporty, fun, and designed for style, which teenagers are likely to approve of, but they have a larger body style, which makes parents feel a bit more relaxed when their teen is driving.

Clio, Megane, or Cabriolet

The Clio model comes in a hatchback style. It is the smallest sedan that Renault makes, and it combines the functionality of a sedan with the looks of a more casual vehicle. The two-door style is perfect for a teenager who does not need much room, but the car does seat five people if needed. The Megane model of vehicles offers more of a coupe style. Teenagers may like the Megane Cabriolet , which has a convertible top, or the Megane Renaultsport, which is considered more of a sports car, but with all of the safety features of a sedan. The Megane comes in two-door or four-door options and a wide range of colours and body styles.

Factor 4: Technology Options

Teenagers today are tech savvy, and fortunately, when parents prefer that their teen drives a safe sedan it does not mean they have to skimp on technology. Newer models of the Renault line of vehicles come with some modern technological additions, such as USB ports so a teen can plug in an MP3 player, Bluetooth capabilities so a teen can speak on a smartphone hands-free, and SatNav which enables a new driver to find his or her way around easily by following the directions of a built-in GPS.

Teens may also like hands-free entry into the vehicle, as well as a model that offers a push-button start with no need to dig for keys in a backpack or purse. Some of the sports models, such as the Clio Renaultsport, offer rear view cameras that are convenient for unsure parallel parkers. The Renault offers technology for fun as well as function, and makes parents and teens both happy with the features available.

Factor 5: New or Used Vehicle

Parents may struggle with whether to buy a teenager a used Renault or a new vehicle. A brand new vehicle may have newer technological features, and more updated safety features than models that are more than five years old. However, if new drivers are unsure of themselves, a reliable used car might be a better option until they feel comfortable enough to drive a new Renault. A used vehicle might need repairs, but if a previous owner has maintained it properly, it is a wise purchase. Another boon for parents is that an older Renault costs less when it is insured, and insuring teenagers is always a bit more costly anyway.

The best way to decide whether to purchase a new or used Renault is to consider the budget available for the car, the type of driver the teenager is, and other financial considerations such as maintenance, insurance, and fees, which may be higher for a new vehicle.

Renault Models and Features

When a teenager is choosing a car, many times it is all about aesthetics, but for parents, there are other considerations. Purchasing a Renault is the best compromise between versatility, function, safety, and a sporty design.





Two-door hatchback

Four-door sedan or two-door coupe style

Two-door sports car

Two-door convertible

Tyre repair kit

Hands-free entry technology


Black surround headlights

USB ports

60/40 folding rear seats

Inbuilt GPS

Rear parking sensors

60/40 folding rear seats

Inbuilt SatNav system

Front and rear airbags

Daytime running lights

There are many features available in the wide range of Renault vehicles. Parents and their teen can select the right car together based on the budget available and the most desired features.

How to Purchase a Renault for Your Teen on eBay

Opt to shop for a Renault for your teenager online, and skip the hassle of shopping at car lots. Car lot shopping can be time consuming and inconvenient, so instead, you and your teen can browse the wide range of Renault cars easily on eBay. Select Renault cars, and then there are a few ways to narrow down your choices, such as by model name, like the Clio car, or the model year of the vehicle. You can also set the price range for the car so only the models in that range show up in your results. This can help you stick to your budget.

Buy from a Reputable Seller

The best way to make sure you are getting a good deal on a Renault is by evaluating the seller before you shop. Only purchase a vehicle from a merchant who has met eBay's qualifications to be a Top-rated seller, and click on the seller's page to read all of the feedback that he or she has received from other buyers. This sets your mind at ease and helps you determine if the seller is honest and reputable. Pick up the Renault in person to avoid any shipping or driving frustration to get the vehicle to you, and involve your teen in the decision making process since it is going to be his or her vehicle.


There is nothing more worrisome for parents than a teenager driving for the first time. It can help parents to worry a bit less about their new driver by knowing that their teen is driving a safe, reliable vehicle, which makes the Renault family of cars a good choice. Renault cars offer safety, many great features, and they are affordable, which makes them perfect for a first-time driver. Parents can get their teen's feedback about which model Renault the child prefers, but the final decision is usually up to the parents, and that should be determined by what the safety features are, what kind of condition the car is in, and what the final price of the car is.

Newer models of the Renault are equipped with more current features, but a used car that offers low mileage and has not been in any accidents is a reliable option. Parents should ensure that they are getting the vehicle they want, and read the seller's listing carefully. If a spare tyre is not included, a tyre repair kit should be purchased should the teen get a flat while driving.

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