5 Features to Consider When Buying a TV Wall Bracket on eBay

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5 Features to Consider When Buying a TV Wall Bracket on eBay

Most flat screen televisions have the potential to be mounted on a wall; it is generally determinable whether a TV can be wall-mounted by looking for 4 holes drilled into the rear of the unit. These will generally be in either a rectangular or square arrangement, and are what attaches the television to the bracket.

1. Room Shape and Size

Examining the shape of the room in which the television will be installed is a very important step to take before purchasing a TV wall bracket. To achieve the most optimal setup, the seating arrangement should be considered so that the mount offers the best viewing experience across the seating concerned. Consideration should also be given to whether any viewers will have to turn their heads to view the screen, as this can lead to painful joints in the neck if done for an extended period of time. The height at which the television bracket is installed should also be carefully considered. Different heights will be required to achieve optimum positioning for different positions and activities, for example those who spend a large amount of viewing time lay down on the sofa, and for those who use the television while exercising on a machine. The room size is also important, as the distance between the television and seating arrangement must be considered. Too far and the picture quality will be affected, whereas too near can put strain upon the eyes.

2. Purpose of the Television

This point refers to the exact intended use of the television in the home; though it will of course be used for entertainment, it should be considered whether this will include the use of video games consoles, subscription-based television boxes and other devices that are commonly included in a home cinema system. For purposes involving the use of video games consoles or subscription-based television boxes, the television brackets will most likely need to be installed at a lower level, otherwise there arises the issue of having numerous cables trailing from the television down to the floor, which can be unsightly if extended across great lengths. It is likely that a stand or table top of some kind will be required to house such additional devices beneath the television.

3. Measurements of the Bracket

Not every television bracket will work with every television, and similarly, not every television can be mounted on a wall. When purchasing a television, it is generally specified in the item description if the television has the ability to be mounted on a bracket. If unsure about whether a currently-owned television can be mounted, consulting the product's original instruction documentation or asking the seller on eBay will usually reveal the answer. After determining whether a television can be mounted, the next thing to determine is the measurements of the television set. Different sets will require brackets of different measurements.

4. Bracket Material

Television wall brackets most commonly come in either chrome or aluminium material. Chrome models have a good overall aesthetic finish but can often be of a poor build. This is important to avoid as television sets place a great amount of strain on the bracket and they must be able to cope with the weight; a collapsing bracket could result in a television being damaged beyond repair. Aluminium models are very popular within the market and are well-known for being very strong and durable. They also have a very attractive overall finish and do not suffer from rusting in humid environments. The disadvantage to buying an aluminium television bracket is that they are usually more expensive than chrome brackets.

5. Type of Bracket

The following is a number of different types of television wall bracket, as well as a number of considerations for each type. All of these types of bracket can be found on the eBay website.

Fixed Wall Bracket

These are the most basic kinds of wall brackets. The most immediate thing to keep in mind is whether the bracket will accept the size of the intended television set. Furthermore, some brackets are versatile and allow any size of television meaning an upgrade would not necessarily necessitate a new bracket.

Tilt Wall Brackets

These brackets have greater versatility than fixed units and are capable of tilting, as is suggested by the name. The variety of sizes available means that different models have different degrees of tilt possible. These brackets have two planes of tilt: downwards tilt and negative tilt, the latter being 'upwards' tilt, which is generally not as important. Downwards tilt is important, as it allows for the adjustment of any picture quality issues that may arise, such as ghosting or blurring. The majority of these problems can be rectified with a very minor adjustment.

Cantilever Brackets

Cantilever brackets are also commonly known as articulating models, which come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, also being constructed from a variety of materials, such as aluminium, iron or steel. These brackets have a larger variety of positions that they can achieve due to their ability to also pan sideways rather than simply upwards and downwards.

Motorised Wall Bracket

The motorised wall bracket is an excellent choice if not on a budget, as it is one of the most expensive models. These brackets are controlled via a remote, which can tilt the television set without the need to manually move it. Some also have swivel options.

Following a Purchase

The following points are not related to purchasing a television wall bracket, but rather are tips to follow when installing a new bracket in the home.

Safety During Installation

When installing a new bracket, care must be taken to ensure that is it secured and not likely to fall from the wall. Each connection to the wall must be firm and not move within its bored hole. Similarly, when the television is attached, the connection must be firm and secure. If a television set were to fall from the wall, it could not only damage the television, but also the plastering of the wall. It could also cause serious injury. When attaching the bracket, eBay sell a wide range of DIY tools and attachments that can aid in fixing the bracket to the wall. Though some are included with the television bracket, additional units may be needed.

Repositioning the Seating Plan

When buying a television bracket, it may not always be feasible to keep the arrangement of the seating within the home as it is. Using a television bracket opens up more possibilities concerning where to place a television set; therefore, the plan may need to be arranged differently to suit the optimal position for the bracket. The plan should take into consideration whether anybody will have to crane their neck to see the screen, as this can lead to painful strains. Purchasing additional seating units from eBay may help to alleviate the problem if necessary. A variety of seating options are supplied by many different sellers on the eBay marketplace.

Taking Out a Warranty from eBay

Considering the television is mounted several feet off the floor or higher, it is important to consider taking out a warranty. Though very unlikely, if a television was to fall from its bracket, then it will almost certainly suffer serious damage. Taking out a warranty can cover the television in the event of such an accident, so that if the set should break, a replacement can be obtained from the company who offered the warranty cover. On eBay, many sellers offer warranties alongside a purchase of their products. These function in the same manner as original manufacturer warranties, with the exception of being covered by the seller rather than the original manufacturer.

Finding TV Wall Brackets on eBay

On the homepage of the eBay marketplace, there are several main product headings visible down the left side of the website. These links branch out into a much vaster array of product categories relating to the main heading, TV wall brackets, for example, can be found under Sound & Vision, which is a category under the main heading of Electronics & Technology. As would be expected, Sound & Vision contains a wide range of products relating to home audio and visual entertainment, such as home cinema systems and their associated components. When looking under Sound & Vision, wall brackets are found specifically in the TV & Home Audio Accessories subcategory. Search results can be narrowed down to just these items by choosing the Speaker Stands & Brackets filter on the left side of the page.


Television wall brackets are used to fix television sets onto a wall. This may be done for aesthetic reasons or to make the most efficient use of space within the home. Before purchasing a bracket, it is important to make certain considerations relating to the size and seating arrangement of the room intended for installation, the purpose of the television and the desired type and material of bracket desired. There are other considerations to make after a purchase has been made, such as safety during installation and considering a change in the seating plan where necessary. Finding television brackets on eBay is a very simple process. All products listed on eBay are categorised according to product type, with brackets in particular being listed under the Sound & Vision subcategory of the Electronics & Technology section.

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