5 Features to Consider When Buying a TV Wall Mount on eBay

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5 Features to Consider When Buying a TV Wall Mount on eBay

The breadth of variety in the TV wall mounts currently available mean a small amount of research is advisable prior to purchase. Despite the fact that manufacturers have settled on a standard mounting pattern, known as the Vesa Type, there is still a degree of variation within this. However, when buying a TV mount on eBay, most vendors will be able to advise the purchaser on the most suitable device for their intended installation.

Compatible Mounting Type

The crucial piece of information to get right when choosing a TV wall mount is the Vesa Type. It does not matter what other desirable features the TV mount offers, it cannot be used unless it is exactly the same Vesa Type as the television. Therefore, the first step to any TV mount purchase is to ascertain which Vesa Type the television requires. Sometimes the manufacturer will have helpfully printed this information on the rear of the machine. It will normally be something like "Vesa Type 400mm x 400mm". Where this is not the case, the next place to look is in the television's manual. Alternatively, ask the manufacturer, either by contacting them directly or via their dealer network. Once the mounting type is known, all TV wall mounts which do not match this criterion can be disregarded. Some older televisions may have a non-standard bolt pattern that is incompatible with the Vesa standard. Where this is the case, it may be possible to obtain an adapter which mounts to the incompatible television and will then itself accept a Vesa mount. When searching for a Vesa mount on eBay, look out for the Vesa Type category option. Selecting the correct Vesa Type will ensure that the TV mounts displayed will all be suitable for use with the intended television.

Maximum Load Capacity

An almost equally important consideration to Vesa Type is the maximum load capacity of the TV wall mount. The consequences of an under-rated TV wall mount can be very serious indeed, so it is always a good idea to double check that the TV mount will definitely be able to support the load prior to purchase. The standing weight of the television to be mounted can be usually found using the same methods as for the Vesa Type above. Where possible, preference should be given to TV wall mounts with a maximum load capacity that easily exceeds the weight of the device that is to be supported. This allows for an element of over-engineering which should avoid premature signs of wear or fatigue from the various wall mount components. This is especially important for fully articulated TV mounts which can undergo a fair degree of stress when fully extended. Every eBay listing has the facility to "Ask a question" at the foot of the page. Where the maximum load capacity is unclear, this can be used to contact the vendor and check that the TV wall mount is rated to carry the intended load. The purchaser should still make their own check of the TV mount's documentation to verify that this is the case when the item arrives.

The Right Level of Articulation

There is a huge degree of variation in the movement offered by the different designs of TV wall mount. There is usually a compromise to be made between the degree of mobility offered by the TV mount and the load it is able to carry. Less mobile TV mounts can usually carry much heavier loads and vice versa. When compared to fixed mounts, the television often remains further out from the wall with an articulated mount, even when it is in the most fully stowed position. It can be worth visiting the product reviews and buying guides section of eBay to fully research the differences between the various designs of TV mounts that are available.


Allows little or no movement. Cheap. Usually have high maximum load capacities.


Small amount of tilt movement. Usually used for overhead installations. A good choice for high load applications.


Single, dual-pivot, offset arm. Some offer tilt function. Basic level of articulation. Suitable for all but the heaviest installations.

Fully Articulated

Dual arm, triple-pivot arm. May offer tilt facility. Some allow movement to be locked out. Usually used for small to medium weight devices.


Twin parallel friction arms allow rotation in one plane only. Screen can be stored flat against a surface, such as under a kitchen cabinet or against the ceiling. Tend to be used for smaller screens.

Branded TV Mounts

Not all manufacturers offer bespoke TV wall mount solutions for their televisions. However, where an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) TV mount is available, it can offer several advantages over a third party device. An OEM TV mount will have the same build quality as the television itself. For a premium quality brand, this can offer the extra peace of mind necessary to hang such an expensive device on the wall. As the TV wall mount and television will have been developed at the same time, they can offer a level of integration not possible with a third party mounting system. The new generation of ultra-thin wall mounts are an example of this effect. The rear of the television is moulded to accept the TV wall mount components, allowing the screen to lie almost completely flat against the surface of the wall.

Motorised TV Wall Mounts

For the height of luxury, it is worth considering one of the new generation of motorised remote-control TV wall mounts. The ability to reposition a large screen without leaving the sofa can be invaluable for tuning out annoying reflections. A fully articulated motorised TV wall mount can also allow the screen to be aimed at more than one seating area in a larger living space. When employed in this way, it can perform a role which would otherwise require the purchase of two television sets. When choosing a motorised TV mount, preference should be given to models which have a parking function which allows the screen to be stored with a single button press. Although motorised TV wall mounts can be expensive devices, finding the cheapest model on eBay is simple. When searching for motorised TV mounts, simply select the "lowest first" option from the sort menu.

How to Find the Right TV Wall Mount on eBay

There are two basic methods to use when attempting to locate an item on eBay. A potential buyer can either use the search facility to directly locate a particular item or browse the inventory using the links provided. Of the two approaches, the search facility is the quickest, but does require some information about the intended purchase to be known. To use the eBay search facility, simply type the relevant information into the search bar at the head of every page. For example, to view the TV mounts which are capable of supporting a 60 inch screen, simply type "60 inch TV mount" into the search bar. After performing an eBay search, there is always the option to "Refine the Search" further using the link provided. This makes it possible to narrow the search in a number of ways, including to specify only items which are available locally or that fall within a particular price range. To browse the complete eBay TV wall mount inventory, first select the All Categories menu. Click on Sound & Vision and then TV & Home Audio Accessories. Next, select TV Wall Mounts & Brackets before highlighting the Mount option. Whether searching or browsing the eBay inventory, there is always the possibility of filtering out the unwanted items using the options on the left of the page. These categories can be combined to form complex sets of criteria which allow only the most suitable items to be shown. For example, these options make it possible to focus only on new and used Philips TV wall mounts with a Vesa Size of 400mm x 400mm .


When looking to buy a TV wall mount, the most important features to consider are the mounting type and the maximum load capacity. With these defined, decisions can then be made about the level of articulation and automation that is required. Whichever type of TV wall mount is decided on, there will almost certainly be a suitable item available for purchase on eBay.

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