5 Features to Look for When Buying Cables and Adapters for Family Game Consoles

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5 Features to Look for When Buying Cables and Adapters for Family Game Consoles
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5 Features to Look for When Buying Cables and Adapters for Family Game Consoles 5 Features to Look for When Buying Cables

and Adapters for Family Game Consoles

One of the staples of the average British household these days is the presence of a family game

console. In addition to being used for playing video games, children and parents gather around

their televisions to watch TV shows or movies played on game consoles. Video games are also a

popular pastime that families can enjoy together, of course. Consoles can be connected to

televisions, computer monitors, and even travel screens in the backseats of cars so that kids

remain entertained on long trips through the countryside.

As fun and versatile as family game consoles may be, they are rendered useless without the right

cables and adapters for successful connections. There are all sorts of cables and adapters that one

can find stocked in the aisles of brick and mortar electronics stores or online; however, an entire

collection of tangled wires is not necessary for game consoles. There are five key features that

shoppers should look for when buying cables and adapters for game consoles. Cables and

adapters have to be compatible with the systems owned. On top of that, the condition of the

cables and adapters should be at least fair, with no cut wires and two connection heads on either

end. Finding the right cables and adapters for family game consoles is easier to accomplish with

the right information in hand, regardless of whether buyers are shopping in local stores or online

at websites like eBay.

Key Considerations When Buying Cables and Adapters

There are few things more cumbersome than remembering which cables and adapters plug into

which electronic devices. Buying just the bare necessities to connect one's family game console

is essential, as it can make organising one's electronics drawer simpler and allow families to

spend quality time with the kids without hassle. Knowing what to buy for one's game console

makes the shopping experience short and sweet so that playing with the kids can be long and


1. Cable and Adapter Compatibility

Not all cables are necessary for certain game consoles, nor do the heads of certain cables match

the outlets found on all consoles. That being said, it is important for the shopper to understand

the type of cable or adapter that a game console needs to play. Many people need Xbox-specific

or PlayStation-specific or other specific types of cables and adapters. It is helpful to figure out

what a game console requires before starting the search. This information is generally provided

in the documentation when a game console is purchased. Knowing which cables and adapters are

compatible with consoles helps shoppers only buy what is needed. Cable Type Description Console Compatibility

Composite AV Cable 3 male RCA connectors,

identified by the red, white,

and yellow band on the heads

Connects composite video

and left/right audio

Monaural televisions have a

single audio jack, so both

audio connectors do not need

to be connected

Default cable that comes with

Xbox 360 models

Xbox 360

PlayStation 3

Component HD AV Cable Comes with some Xbox 360

console bundles in the box

Works with high-definition

and standard televisions and

computer monitors

Xbox 360

VGA HD AV Cable Not commonly found in Xbox

360 console bundles

If display has VGA port, this

cable needs to be purchased


Adapters available for

monitors or televisions

without a VGA port

Xbox 360

High-Definition Multimedia

Interface (HDMI) Cable

For connecting the game

console to the television or

computer monitor

Xbox 360

PlayStation 3Yields superior audio and

video over the default

composite AV cable

HDMI Audio Adapter For connecting the game

console to the television or

computer monitor

Improves the sound

connection quality from the

game console to the media


Xbox 360

Wii AC Adapter Cable Comes with the Wii console

Required power source for the

game console

AC plug connects to the wall


DC plug connects to the

square-shaped DC input

connector on the back of the

Wii console

Nintendo Wii

Wii AV Cable Included in the Wii package

when purchased

Transfers data from the game

console to the television

screen or computer monitor

Three colour-coded RCA

connectors (red, white, and

yellow) for composite video

and left/right audio

Other end of the cable is the

Nintendo WiiAV multi-out plug that

connects to the jack on the

back of the Wii

Wii Sensor Bar Cable Allows for Wii controllers to

be recognised by the game


Black rectangular bar that

connects to the back of the

Wii with a cable

Sensor bar plug should be

placed underneath the

television screen

Nintendo Wii

Wii Component Video Cable For high-definition


Wii settings need to be

changed to HD TV if used

Nintendo Wii

There are many types of connectors and adapters on the market, and it can sometimes be

confusing to determine which ones are actually compatible with one's game console. Knowing

this information before shopping in stores or online is very important.

2. Acquire All Required Cables and Adapters

Besides buying compatible cables and adapters, it is important that shoppers verify that all

necessary cables are purchased before trying to connect game consoles. If a cable or an adapter is

missing during set-up, the whole process can be confusing and frustrating when the system does

not work. Unless a used game console is purchased without the manual, consoles come with

instructions and information on what is needed for proper set-up, including the various cables

and accessories needed for television or computer screens. If this is unavailable, a quick search

on the Internet can answer any unsolved questions about which cables and adapters to purchase.

3. Appropriate Connection MethodsNot everyone likes to play video games using a television. Some people only have computer

screens as the main viewing method for gaming. Other families like to let their kids play video

games in the backseats of cars on long road trips. All of these alternative connection methods

require some form of an adapter in order to effectively form a connection between the two pieces

of technology. There are adapters for connecting pre-existing cables, so connections between

game consoles and alternative screens are possible. Adapters like HDMI cable adapters are also

used to improve the quality of sound or video. Whatever one's preference or budget, the

capability to properly connect family game consoles to televisions, computers, or even car

monitors exist.

4. Undamaged Wires and Cables

This is more problematic when buying older, used cables, which is a possibility with online

shopping. It is also possible for wires and cables to be damaged during shipping or when the

packaging is opened. Damage to wires and cables can lead to connectivity problems. Also, if the

damage is located close to the plugs on either end of the cables, the heads could easily fall off

and cause problems. While many minor cuts can be fixed with electrical tape, it is important that

shoppers inspect the condition of wires and cables before purchasing from any source.

5. Condition of Cable Heads

Used cables and adapters may be in less than perfect condition at times, but a used cable is not a

problem unless the wear and tear directly affects the connectivity of the game console to the

monitor or screen. A cable that lacks a head or a plug on one end certainly suffers from serious

problems. That being said, it is important for shoppers to inspect products before purchasing.

Buying Cables and Adapters for Family Game Consoles on


Cables and adapters are usually fairly inexpensive video game accessories, but it is still a good

idea to check out eBay for some comparison shopping and deal hunting. Being able to buy

replacement cables or necessary adapters for an improved video gaming experience with the

family should be painless. The search tools found on eBay make this possible. By inserting

keywords like 'Wii AV Cable' or 'Xbox 360 HDMI cable' into the search box, you can summon

relevant search results to your screen within seconds, and in a matter of clicks, the products

could be ready to ship directly to your doorstep.

When shopping on eBay for the necessary cables and adapters for a family game console, it is

important that you thoroughly research the reputation of sellers on eBay by looking at the

previous feedback they received. Cables and adapters are inexpensive and easily replaceable

items, but trusting the seller minimises the risk of any problems when buying items on eBay, and

this gets families playing together as quickly as possible.Conclusion

Families should be able to spend time together without worrying about tiny problems like

connecting their game consoles to their televisions. Having all the right cables and adapters to do

so is not an impossible task. By understanding five of the most important considerations when it

comes to shopping for cables and adapters for family game consoles, shoppers can feel more

confident about purchasing the right video game accessories, whether online or in brick and

mortar stores.

Shoppers should understand which cables and adapters are compatible with their systems, and

they should make sure they have all the equipment they need to complete the connections.

Families sometimes use alternative video sources, such as computer monitors and travel screens,

and special connection methods may be required. Shoppers should ensure that the cables they

purchase do not have nicks, cuts, missing plugs, or other relevant damage. Finding the right

connectors and adapters for one's game console is almost as easy as having fun with the family.

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