5 Healthy Habits You Could Be Getting Wrong

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You’re trying your best to be healthy, but there are some healthy habits you might be getting wrong. These can do you more harm than good!

Brushing your teeth:
If you brush your teeth after every meal it can begin to erode your enamel, especially if you’ve just eaten something acidic! This can leave your teeth vulnerable to gum disease, decay and even cavities! Try to brush twice a day, morning and night to two minutes each time, as this will make sure you don’t miss any spots. If you’re missing your post-lunch brush, try flossing instead!

Leaving Scabs to “Breathe”:
Leaving your cut or wound to scab over can mean that you end up with a nasty scar, according to researchers at Harvard Medical School. Antibiotics creams have been found to cause allergic reactions in a lot of people, and a University of Miami study found that hydrogen peroxide isn’t actually stopping bacteria. Next time you get a cut, wash your hands and rinse it out with water. Put a little bit of petroleum jelly on the cut to keep it moist, and then cover it with a bandage to reduce the healing time.

Heat, Ice & Resting Your Sore Back:
Heating your back can provide temporary relief, but an Australian study found that there’s little evidence that putting ice on your sore muscles actually works. Instead of resting, do some gentle moving, like going on a short walk and then gradually increasing your activity levels. And forget painkillers, as a study in Lancet found that taking acetaminophen for pain in the lower back was no more effective than popping a sugar pill.

 Drinking 8 Cups Of Water Per Day: 
Water is good for you and we all need it to live. But, according to Stavros Kavouras Ph.D. from the University of Askansas, the amount of water you need depends on your activity level, age, diet and the climate you live in. Some people need more than 8 cups, some people need less. He and his researchers found that urinating 5 times per day was correlated with sufficient hydration. Also, if your pee in lemonade yellow or lighter, your should be fine!

Trying To Cool Down Your Fever:
An increase in your body temperature of just 1-2 degrees makes the cells of your immune system more productive, so that they can more efficiently fight off infection according to Elizabeth Repasky Ph.D from the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. If you start shivering whilst you have a fever, more to somewhere warmer, such as under a blanket instead of trying to stay cool, as that would be siding with your infection! However if your high fever lasts longer than 3 days, see a doctor!
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