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1/. Write an accurate & complete description of the item for sale and include a good photo, do not exaggerate or over promise, people will expect you deliver what you describe, anything less and you will get negative feedback

2/. Good communication is vitally important, answer emails & messages promptly and let buyers know what is happening, tell them when you have posted their item or if you have a problem etc

3/. Do the maths, make sure you allow for all the hidden costs when listing an item as there is no point in listing items and working hard only to discover you ended the month losing money, so allow for those hidden costs when pricing your listings and remember being cheapest does not mean you are best.

4/. Service, Quality and Honesty is everything, deliver what you promise, when you promised, and to a standard expected, and you will get the rewards. We all have days when we don't fancy the trip to the Post Office or feel unwell etc but the buyer paid & wants their item yesterday and frankly next week is a poor show, so always be professional and think of eBay as a business where you open the shop on time each day and provide good service ALWAYS!

5/. Have fun, enjoy eBay and the world marketplace it opens to you. Be daring & different but compliant with the rules and enjoy the experience of eBay.  Use the tools available, consider having an eBay shop, know what you are trying to build and keep at it. Feedback is so important so strive for 100% and build a reputation to be proud of.

As a final point ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS provide the service you would want if you were the buyer!

I hope this guide helps, if so PLEASE TAKE A SECOND TO VOTE IT HELPFUL and feel free to send me a message if I can help you to enjoy being a part of eBay as much as I do.

Have Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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